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October 22, 2014Logistics News: Avoiding Non-Compliant Labeling Issues
Understanding the Effect of Regulatory Standards in a Global Supply Chain
  Topics : Distribution | Electronic Product Code/EPC
October 21, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Three Supply Chain Lessons from the book Scaling Up Excellence
Taking Lessons about Scaling Excellence and Applying it to the Supply Chain
  Topics : Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Experts
October 15, 2014Logistics News: Understanding The Tradeoffs Between Jobs & Automation
Can We Manage the Impact of Automation on the Jobs Market?
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
October 15, 2014Supply Chain by Design: What to Do About the Rise in Costs Because of the Trucker Shortage
With Rising Rates Caused by the Trucker Shortage, the Increase in Total Cost May Not be as Bad as Previously Forecast Due to Adjustments Made by Shippers
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Supply chain costs | Trucking
October 08, 2014Logistics News: Keeping IT Systems Up-To-Date is Key to Innovation & New Growth Opportunities
Attracting New Customers by Offering Expanded Value Added
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain and the IT function/technology
October 07, 2014Keep It Moving: The AmazonSupply Threat to the B2B Distribution Market
The Level of ecommerce Sophistication Varies Significantly from Firm to Firm
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Logistics
October 01, 2014Logistics News: Changing Logistics Landscape Impacts DC Operations
Specialized Customer Services Create New Challenges for Order Fulfillment Operations
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics
September 24, 2014Logistics News: Solving the Project Time Management Challenge
Business Managers face the Difficult Challenge of On-Time System Implementation Performance
  Topics : Distribution | Managing effectively
September 23, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Modeling Your Competitors
If Your Company is in a Commodity Business With High Transportation Costs, It Should Model Your Competitors
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain strategy
September 17, 2014Logistics News: Innovation - Paramount Importance Driving Operational Improvement
Industry Leaders Provide list of Innovative Improvement Initiatives
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation

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