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December 18, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Deepen Your Optimization Knowledge Over the Holidays with Free E-book
Supply Chain Analysts Should Know Optimization, While Supply Chain Managers Should be Familiar with Optimization
  Topics : Network design/optimization
December 17, 2014Logistics News: What Does A Distribution Center Operation Have In Common With A Major League Sports Team?
Training and Execution are Keys to having a Winning Season!
  Topics : Distribution | Education and Training
December 16, 2014Stifel Transportation Weekly for Dec. 15, 2014
John Larkins Comments on Transportation Dat from Last Week
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
December 10, 2014Logistics News: The Business Case For Stand-Alone Automation
Automation in the DC - Not an All-or-Nothing Deal
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation
December 08, 2014Stifel Transportation Weekly for Dec. 8, 2014
Weekly Insight from John Larkin of Stifel on the Transpport Sector
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Rail carriers/transportation | Transportation | Trucking
December 03, 2014Logistics News: Vertical Lift Modules and Vertical Carousels Provide High Density Storage in a Small Footprint
Going Vertical Provides DC Cube Optimization & Increased Order Picking Productivity; Differences between the Two Technologies
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation
November 25, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Calculating Supplier Lead-Time Variability - Not as Easy as It Seems
Knowing Lead-time Variability Helps set the Right Safety Stock Level; Tracking and Calculating the Lead-time Variability is not Always Easy
  Topics : Inventory management | Inventory optimization
November 24, 2014Stifel Transportation Weekly for Nov. 24, 2014
Tight capacity has created a favorable pricing environment for freight brokers and truckers.
  Topics : Rail carriers/transportation | Transportation | Trucking
November 19, 2014Logistics News: Shippers Look To 3PLs For Innovative Logistics Solutions On A Global Scale
The Question is - Are They Up To The Challenge?
  Topics : Distribution | Global logistics
November 18, 2014Supply Chain by Design: The Myth of the Market Rate and Network Design Projects
Although People Spend a lot of Time Trying to get the "Correct" Transportation Rates Loaded for Their Network Models, Maybe They Shouldn't
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Transportation

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