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March 26, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Integrating Global Sourcing and the Supply Chain for Best-in-Class Results
Some Key Pieces of an Integrated Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Execution Program
  Topics : Global sourcing | Supply chain excellence
March 25, 2015Logistics News: DC Automation - Pros & Cons
Complexity & Justification Still Major Concerns
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation
March 25, 2015Supply Chain by Design: Eli Goldratt's Book "The Goal" is on Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Reading List
The Goal has Held up Very Well to Test of Time, so if you Haven’t Read it, it is Worth a Read
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain thought leadership
March 25, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Five Keys to Transportation Planning and Optimization Success
How do you Find the Balance Between Low Cost and Higher Service Requirements and Optimize Transportation Management in Today's Fluid, Global, Omni-channel World?
  Topics : Transportation Management Systems | Transportation
March 19, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Take Control of Your Retail Supply Chain
Ways That Companies in the Retail Sector can Improve Efficiencies, Lower Costs, Increase Agility and Lower Supply Chain Risks
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain
March 18, 2015Logistics News: Deploying A Continuous Improvement Plan
Improving Operations must be a High Priority
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain excellence
March 16, 2015Supply Chain by Design: Top Five Rules for Cleaning Data for a Strategic Analysis
Keep in Mind That Getting Clean Data for a Strategic Study is Never as Easy as it Should Be
  Topics : Supply chain strategy
March 11, 2015Dimensional Weighting Programs by Parcel Carriers Can Raise Costs Substantially, but Shippers have Options for Minimizing the Impact
From Negotiations to Box Makers to Advanced Cartonizaton Software, Consider Options to Reduce Increase in Parcel Shipping Costs
  Topics : Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
March 11, 2015Logistics News: Should Shippers Adopt Lean Manufacturing Methods In The DC?
Flexibility & Agility are Key Considerations
  Topics : Distribution | Global logistics | Global supply chain | Lean
March 09, 2015Stifel Transportation Weekly for March 9, 2015
John Larkin of Stidel Financial with his review of the week in transportation.
  Topics : Transportation

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