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February 14, 2019Just Call it a Trade Wall: Overcoming the Barriers
Trade Policies all Around the Globe are on the Move
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain
January 24, 2019Supply Chain Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Why Continuous Planning is the Ultimate New Supply Chain Weapon
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software
January 08, 20192019 Predictions for the Supply Chain
Five Current Trends That are the Basis for This Year's Predictions
  Topics : Supply Chain
December 31, 2018Supply Chain Comment: "Let's Get Ready to Rumble"
Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors now Actively Compete for the end Consumer Through Their own Websites
  Topics : e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain
December 12, 2018My Video Call with Santa Claus
Update on the Christmas Express Supply Chain
  Topics : Supply Chain
November 27, 2018Supply Chain Comment: Information Has a Shelf Life, Too
Importance of Timely Information in the Hands of Vested Stakeholders Will Continue to Grow at an Exponential Rate
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain thought leadership
November 15, 2018This is Not Your Father's Inventory Optimization
Today's Leading Solutions Take the Impact of Variability in Demand and Supply Into Account When Making Inventory Level Recommendations
  Topics : Inventory optimization
November 08, 2018Sustainability is (Finally) Making an Entrance
Economists Take on Where Sustainability Makes Sense for a Company's Bottom Line
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | GREEN_WEB
October 11, 2018Common Forecasting Myths Debunked: Part 1 - One Forecast is Enough
The First of a Series of Four Posts That Will Explore Common Forecasting Myths
  Topics : Forecasting
October 09, 2018Myopic and Hyperopic Supply Chain Planning
Focus on Pulling Three Critical Planning Processes Together Through Integrated Business Planning
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software

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