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From the Supply Chain Television Channel

Understanding Distributed Order Management

Highlights from the New "Little Book of Distributed Order Management," written by our two Videocast presenters Dan Gilmore, SCDigest Editor, and Satish Kumar, VP Client Services, Softeon.

The Grain Drain: Large-Scale Grain Port Terminal Optimization

The Constraints and Challenges of Planning and Implementing Port Operations. Featuring Dan Gilmore, Editor along with Dr. Evan Shellshear, Head of Analytics, Biarri.

A Blueprint for WMS Implementation Success

If You Want a Successful WMS Project, You will Find the Blueprint in this Excellent Broadcast. Featuring Dan Gilmore, Editor along with Todd Kovi of Radix Consulting and Dinesh Dongre of Softeon.

Expert Insight

5 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of a Ransomware Attack
5 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of a Ransomware Attack

Security is a Journey, Not a Destination

Who Is Hit Hardest by Supply Chain Woes Over the Holidays?
Who Is Hit Hardest by Supply Chain Woes Over the Holidays?

Acknowledging and Addressing the Growing Strain on Supply Chain Workers

How Predictive Analytics Have Changed Supply Chain
How Predictive Analytics Have Changed Supply Chain

How to Adopt and Perfect a Customized Lean Approach to Baseline Creation Using a

Scdigest Exclusives

Supply Chain by the Numbers for January. 27, 2022

US Trade Deficit in Goods Sets Record in 2021; Prologis with Interesting Services Offerings; IMF Downgrades Gl

On Target

Supply Chain Trends/Issues

Walmart Canada Shows Practical Success in Using Blockchain in Logistics

Program takes Share of Freight Invoices with Data Discrepancies from 70% to 1%

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Distribution/Materials Handing

Supply Chain News: Here come the Robotic Picking Arms in Distribution

Advances in AI and Vision Improving Rapidly, but will Still Take Years to See Widespread Adoption

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Green Supply Chain

Green Supply Chain News: Wall Street Titan Morgan Stanley to Move Aggressively on Climate Change after Internal Criticism

Company to Invest $200 Billion in Sustainability Companies and Projects, Curtail Some Investments Related to Fossil Fuels

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Supply Chain News: Reviving US Manufacturing Key to Reducing Inequality, McKinsey Leader Says

Getting their will Take Investments in Digitization and Workforce Development

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Walmart Expands Item-Level RFID Mandate for Home Goods

Move is Driven by Need for Inventory Accuracy for On-Line Orders

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