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June 04, 2024Amazon AI spots product defects, reduces waste
Private Investigator flags damaged products
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024Amazon to Expand US Drone Service
FAA Approval Increases Range of Flights
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024 Lowering duty-free ceiling on Chinese ecomm imports no magic bullet
Goal to prevent the flood of cheap Chinese goods into the country.
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024 More modal shift predicted as rising spot rates squeeze markets
More business is shifting to spot pricing and some traffic will migrate from ocean to airfreight
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024Maersk Raises Guidance Amid Worsening Port Congestion and Rising Freight Rates
Maersk said it has seen significant delays in vessel schedules due to severe terminal congestion
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024Will Future Truck Tires Be Made From Dandelions and Rice Husk Ash
Developing environmentally friendly truck tires
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 20247 Supply Chain Issues and How To Overcome Them in 2024
From global disruptions to tech advancements, understand their impact and how to overcome them.
  Topics : Web News
June 04, 2024Panama Canal Increases Maximum Draft Ahead of Schedule
Getting Close to to the normal limit of 50 feet
  Topics : Web News
May 28, 2024A New Wave of AI Is Coming to Trucking
Advances in Artificial Intelligence Can Automate Manual Processes and Unlock Greater Efficiency
  Topics : Web News
May 28, 2024 Amazon rejigs logistics set up as pressure grows from US and Chinese rivals
Losing ground to Walmart and low cost Chinese players Temu and Shein, the behemoth has been forced to change strategy.
  Topics : Web News

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