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July 01, 2022Transforming advanced manufacturing through Industry 4.0
Manufacturers in industries such as automotive and electronics, nearing the tipping point of digital adoption
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Supreme Court Declines to Hear California AB 5 Contractor Law Appeal
Could be the end for independent truckers in Golden state
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Supreme Court Declines to Hear C.H. Robinson Appeal
Decision Means Robinson ha liability for the accident because it breached its duty to select a competent contractor to transport the load.
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Amazon, Target, and other big box retailers might pay you to keep your returns
The practice is meant to alleviate some of the costs retailers absorb when shoppers return items
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Diesel creates fewer emissions than biofuels, claims green lobby group
It also claims biofuel needlessly increases costs for end users.
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022West Coast port dispute poses latest threat to supply chain
West Coast port dispute poses latest threat to supply chain
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Supply chain pressures have eased significantly and inflation could be next
Much maligned global supply chain is beginning to show some signs of operating more smoothly.
  Topics : Web News
July 01, 2022Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Latest Incomprehensible Chart
Chart from McKinsey on Benefits of Manufacturing Digitization Leaves Us Scratching our Heads
  Topics : Web News
June 28, 2022Shippers cry foul as new report claims shipping alliances distort markets
Concentration and market shares of shipping lines underestimated, study finds
  Topics : Web News
June 28, 2022Expect another year of supply chain problems
Expert in international trade, explains how supply chain issues continue to reverberate through the American and global economies.
  Topics : Web News

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