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December 05, 2023Inside Amazon warehouses, workers worry about risk of unsafe chemicals
They said, You put on this suit, you put on these gloves, and then you clean it up.’”
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2023Walmart Shifts to India, Cuts China Imports
Between January and August this year, Walmart shipped 25 percent of its U.S. imports from India
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2023US manufacturing mired in weakness, economy heading for slowdown
It was the 13th consecutive month that the PMI stayed below 50, which indicates contraction in manufacturing. That is the longest such stretch since the period from August 2000 to January 2002.
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2023The shift of manufacturing out of China is shaking up shipping
Demand for shipping routes within Asia is rising as producers diversify supply chains
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2023NRF retracts statement on financial impact of organized retail crime
The NRF removed a statement attributing nearly half of shrink to organized retail crime from a report released in April.
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2023Panama Canal is so backed up and unreliable that ships are detouring thousands of miles to avoid costly delays
A bottleneck at the Panama Canal due to low water levels has prompted shippers to divert to other routes
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2023What If Amazon Delivered Everything You Order From Anywhere
Amazon is best known as a retailer, but going into 2024, Amazon is better understood as a massive logistics operatio
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2023Stellantis Tries To Boost Development of Smart Manufacturing Practices
Company met with 66 suppliers on how to reduce CO2
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2023US and China pitch rival supply chain visions in latest clash over global trade and economic needs
US supply chain measures meant to spur domestic production of essential medicines and cut reliance on high-risk foreign suppliers
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2023Why supply chains are key to solving the puzzle of inflation
If there are further improvements in store for supply chains, that would offer a notable disinflationary tailwind
  Topics : Web News

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