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January 26, 2022TuSimple, Developer Building Autonomous Truck Terminal
The company is teaming up with Hillwood, a large industrial and commercial real estate developer, on new terminal designs
  Topics : Web News
January 26, 2022Emissions from global shipping continued to grow in 2021
High demand for commodities and gas made emissions from shipping increase by 4.9 percent last year,
  Topics : Web News
January 26, 2022 US customers moved fewer goods by truck last year, but paid more
Year on year, the cost of trucking climbed more than 20 percent
  Topics : Web News
January 26, 2022Amazon pay to quit program will not cover most US workers this year
And it could be because of staff shortages caused by COVID19
  Topics : Web News
January 26, 2022U.S. goods trade deficit hits a record in November
The goods trade deficit widened last month by 17.5 percnt
  Topics : Web News
January 25, 2022Amazon discloses staff injury rates showing where it is worse or better than peers
Data shows worse than average safety rates in its U.S. warehouses but a better record than peers in delivery.
  Topics : Web News
January 25, 2022How the global chip shortage is helping US manufacturing
Shortage is leading the tech industry and politicians to try to reverse the United States' waning importance in the microprocessor busines
  Topics : Web News
January 25, 2022Shopify eases concerns over fulfillment network changes, shares rebound
Wall Street had raised concerns that the changes could mean big investments into Shopify fulfillment networK were needed
  Topics : Web News
January 25, 2022Just how gummed up are supply chains?
A number of measures suggest that disruptions are historically high, as uncertainty lies ahead, The Economist Says
  Topics : Web News
January 25, 2022Electric Trucks Deliver, Study Says
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency Test eTrucks
  Topics : Web News

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