Privacy Policy

B2B Media Group's primary business is serving the informational needs of our readers. In order to do this, without charging our readers, we obtain information from our subscribers that include their title and role with their company. Using this information, we attract sponsors who determine that our readership is a good platform to market to.

We generate our revenue via the support of our sponsors, and this allows us to generate news and commentary that summarizes and synthesizes important information for busy supply chain and logistics professionals at no charge. We may develop new products and services for our readers and customers, and send information about them via print or electronically. Always, our readers will be able to opt-out of receiving such information in the future.

We will, on occasion, share subscriber information with our advertisers/sponsors to allow us to continue to deliver the highest quality content that our readers have grown accustomed to. In some cases, if readers opt-in for 'Premium Content' such as videocasts and webinars, co-branded research/reports, virtual events and other downloadable content from our sites, their full contact information may be provided to advertisers. Only the information that the reader provides when subscribing to B2B Media Group will be delivered.

B2B Media Group will only send information to our readers that we consider to be of the highest value.