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October 12, 2021Growing stacks of unclaimed imports at Georgia’s Port of Savannah highlight the strains on congested U.S. shipping networks
It is not sustainable
  Topics : Web News
October 11, 2021Federal Reserve warns delays and price hikes are expected this holiday season
Get your shopping done early
  Topics : Web News
October 11, 2021What to expect from New Amazon Department Stores
Technology to play a central role in the shopping experience
  Topics : Web News
October 11, 2021The digital future of manufacturing consumer packaged goods
Digital transformation is no longer optional.
  Topics : Web News
October 11, 2021Walmart Commits to Reduce Plastic by 15 Percent
Part of mission to restore, renew, replenish and preserve planet
  Topics : Web News
October 08, 2021Circular manufacturing of the future cannot be done without digitalization’
The goal is that by 2050 products will be manufactured in a circular way and no new raw materials will enter the chain
  Topics : Web News
October 08, 2021Workers at all of Kelloggs U.S. cereal plants go on strike
The union and the company have been at an impasse at the bargaining table for more than a year
  Topics : Web News
October 08, 2021America Is Running Out of Everything
This is something different, and quite strange
  Topics : Web News
October 08, 2021Diaper shortage hits US amid COVID19 pandemic, supply chain issues
On top of that, the price of diapers has risen.
  Topics : Web News
October 08, 2021Amazon Delivery Partners Rage Against the Machines
We Were Treated Like Robots
  Topics : Web News

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