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September 26, 2023Supply Chain News: California Governor Says No to Bill that would Require a Human in Autonomous Trucks
Debate about Autonomous Truck Safety and Its Impact on Jobs Just Getting Started
  Topics : Supply Chain and Government | Transportation | Trucking
September 19, 2023Tesla Semi Electric Truck Performed well in Recent Third-Party Test
Daily Range is Good but Charging Frequency is Unclear in Some Cases, and it Takes an Hour to Achieve a Full Charge
  Topics : Green supply chain | Transportation | Trucking
September 08, 2023Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: A Look at US Truck Freight Volumes since before the Pandemic
Truck Tonnnage still below 2019 Levels, ATA says
  Topics : Economic News | Transportation | Trucking
September 05, 2023Supply Chain News: Wall Street Journal Attacks California eTruck Rules
Consumers will Ultimately Bear the Huge Cast, as Small Carriers will also be in Trouble
  Topics : Green and Government | Green supply chain | Supply Chain and Government | Transportation | Trucking
August 30, 2023Supply Chain News: Interest in Yellow’s Assets is High, with Network hard to Replicate
Initial Bids for Terminals and Real Estate Exceed Secured Debt of Bankrupt Carrier
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking
August 29, 2023Global Supply Chain News: Retrofitted Cargo Ship uses Vertical Sails to Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption
30% Lower Fuel and CO2 is Target, as Ship Makes Maiden Voyage in Asia
  Topics : Global logistics | Green supply chain | Ocean carriers | Transportation
August 22, 2023Global Supply Chain News: The Many Reasons US Ports don’t Automate
Labor Opposition is Just One Factor; with US Competitiveness at Risk
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
August 21, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon has Relaunched Its In-House Shipping Service for Marketplace Sellers
UPS, FedEx See Stock Prices Fall after the News
  Topics : | Demand planning/management | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
August 15, 2023Supply Chain News: Cass Report for July Finds Freight Volumes, Rates Down Sharply
Truckload Rates down 12.7% in July versus 2022
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
August 01, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Now Making Same Day Delivery Commonplace
Same and Next Day Deliveries now Four Times 2019 Levels, as it Pushes for Still More
  Topics : | Distribution | e-fulfillment | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation

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