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September 15, 2021Supply Chain News: Cass Shipping Index Says Volume, Rates Jumped again in August, but Constraints Reduce Freight Movement
Cass Report Sees Tightness Finally Easing in Q4
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
September 07, 2021Supply Chain News: Amazon’s Air Fleet Continues to Expand in Scale and Coverage
Daily Flights Up 17% in Just Six Months, Latest DePaul Analysis Finds
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
September 01, 2021Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Top US Private Fleets
PepsiCo Remains in Top Spot, as Amazon Enters the List
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking
September 01, 2021Supply Chain News: Truck Driver Shortage a Global Phenomenon, with No Real Answers in Sight
Rising Wags may Just be Encouraging Turnover, not Bringing in New Drivers to the Industry
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking
September 01, 2021Global Supply Chain News: From Bad to Worse in Global Container ShippingGlobal Supply Chain News: From Bad to Worse in Global Container Shipping
44 Ships Anchored Outside LA/Long Beach Port Complex, versus None or One in Normal Times
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
August 20, 2021Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Building a Logistics Control Tower
It's All about Integration
  Topics : Logistics | Transportation Management Systems | Transportation
August 17, 2021Global Supply Chain News: Ocean Shipping Woes Continue On a Major Chinese Port Closure
Only One Terminal has been Affected, but Delta Virus Variant Poses more Worries
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | Transportation
August 09, 2021Supply Chain News: Are Electric Highways the Best Answer to Electrify Freight Truck?
Many Benefits, but How would Massive Costs get Paid for?
  Topics : Green supply chain | Transportation | Trucking
August 04, 2021Supply Chain News: US Home Decor Company Sues Container Lines over Ignoring Contractual Agreements for Container Shipping
MSC Industries Alleges Cosco only Offered 1% of Its Normal Capacity Commitment
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Ocean carriers | Transportation
July 27, 2021Supply Chain News: Container Congestion and Delays move from Ports to Chicago Rail Hub
Union Pacific and BNSF Meter Container Traffic into Overwhelmed Terminals
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Rail carriers/transportation | Transportation | Trucking

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