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November 26, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Unveils Newest Fulfillment Robot, Named Titan
Mobile Robot Can Move 2500 Pounds, Twice the Capacity of Current Design
  Topics : | Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
November 21, 2023Supply Chain News: Washington State Regulators Find Amazon Sets Unsafe Speed for Truck Loading
Will Actions Targeting Amazon eventually Impact use of Labor Standards in all DCs?
  Topics : | Distribution | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain and Government
November 15, 2023MHI Mobile Automation Group Identifies Myths around Mobile Automation Vehicles
If you have a New, there is Likely a Mobile Solution for You, Blog Post Argues
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation
November 07, 2023Supply Chain News: Demand for Warehouse Space appears to be Softening at Last
CBRE Says Demand is Down, but Lease Rates are Still Up Sharply
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics
October 24, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Blog Announces New Mini-load System for Putaway and Picking, and a Prototype Humanoid Robot it Calls Digit
Amazon Now has Deployed more than 750,000 Robots of All Types across the Globe
  Topics : | Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation
October 18, 2023Supply Chain News: New Prologis Report Identifies Four Key Trends Driving US Market for Warehouse Space
New Warehouse Construction Levels to Drop Sharply in 2024, Research Finds
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Trends | Warehouse design
October 10, 2023Supply Chain News: New Challenge in Rolling Out Warehouse Robots – Bandwidth
Companies May not be Ready for Mobile Robots, as 5G Presents an Alternative to Wi-Fi
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Warehouse design | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
September 27, 2023Supply Chain News: FedEx Collaborating with Dexterity AI on Trailer Loading Robots
Work Still to be Done to Get to Commercialization AI-based Technology
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Supply Chain Innovation
September 12, 2023A Look at Amazon’s Robot Strategy, with a Focus On Safety
Company Says Injury Critics are Wrong, but Touts Improvement with Robots in New Report
  Topics : | Distribution
September 06, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Strikes Deal to Do Fulfillment for Shopify Merchants
Amazon Makes Yet another Move to Expand it Logistics Business
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Retail industry supply chain

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