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March 07, 2023Supply Chain News: Logistics Hall of Fame Inducts Two “Pallet Pioneers” as New Members
Most Members are European, but Fair Share of Americans, including this Year’s George Raymond and Past Honorees such as Bezos, Smith and Clark
  Topics : Fun stuff | Supply Chain Innovation
February 21, 2023Supply Chain News: Industrial Robots Enjoy Solid Year in 2022, with Orders Up 11%
Slowdown in Q4, however, has Raised Concerns over 2023 Numbers
  Topics : Distribution | Manufacturing | Material handling automation
February 08, 2023Supply Chain News: Gap Stores to Enter 3PL Market with Partnership with Ware2Go
Small and Medium Size Companies should Get Out Warehouse Business, Ware2Go CEO Says
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Third-party logistics
January 23, 2023Supply Chain News: Battle over Safety at Amazon Fulfillment Centers Continues on, with Citations from OSHA at Three Sites
But Amazon Faces just $60,000 in Fines
  Topics : | Distribution | e-fulfillment | Supply Chain and Government
January 18, 2023Supply Chain News: US Warehouse Market Stayed Strong in 2022, but Signs of a Slowdown as seen in Q4
Growth in Lease Rates Reaches All-Time High Last Year
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Logistics costs | Logistics
January 11, 2023Supply Chain News: New Law in New York Aims to Reign in Amazon’s Use of Fulfillment Center Performance Standards
Despite Labor Groups Touting Victory Measure likely to have Little Impact, and Clarifying Standards Process makes Sense
  Topics : | Distribution
January 04, 2023Supply Chain News: Predictions from Prologis on Direction in Market for Warehouse Space in 2023
New Construction will Drop Significantly, but Lease Rate Hikes will Stay Strong
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics
December 12, 2022Supply Chain News: Should We Feel Sorry for Amazon Fulfillment Center Workers?
Worker Tells Tale of Woe – but DC Jobs are Lousy more Everywhere
  Topics : | Distribution
December 07, 2022Amazon AWS Launches New Supply Chain Applications
Will Include Demand and Inventory Planning Capabilities, plus a New Approach to EDI
  Topics : | Demand planning/management | Inventory management | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
November 23, 2022Supply Chain News: Amazon Use of Video Monitoring of FC Workers and AI Analytics Involves Offshore Workers Too
Reviewers Say Sweatshop like Conditions as Bad or Worse than Alleged FC Work Conditions
  Topics : | Distribution

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