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April 11, 2024Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: China Still Dominates Global Manufacturing
Someone Ought to Tell China Companies are Supposedly Leaving
  Topics : China | Manufacturing
February 23, 2024US Manufacturing and Chinese Solar Panels
Everything Costs Less in China
  Topics : China | Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
February 20, 2024Global Supply Chain News: China Dominates Ship Building, with the US, Europe almost Irrelevant
Huge Numbers of Commercial and Naval Ships being Built, often as Same Yards
  Topics : China | Global logistics
December 12, 2023Global Supply Chain News: Move Away from China Sourcing not So Easy
Chinese Companies Investing in Other Countries, moving from Assemblers to Component Makers
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
November 14, 2023Global Supply Chain News: China Raising Major Concerns with Renewed Push to Grow Exports to Fill its Excess Manufacturing Capacity
In a Period of Still High Inflation, Chinese Export Prices are Down 20%
  Topics : China | Economic News | Global sourcing | Global supply chain
August 25, 2023A Premature End to the China Century?
Old Success Model not Working Any More, as Economy Slows Dramatically
  Topics : China | Global supply chain
April 05, 2023Global Supply Chain News: Are “Spy Cranes” from China a Major US Security Risk?
Chinese Crane Maker ZPMC now Dominates the Market, with Machines Full of Sensors
  Topics : China | Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply Chain and Government | Supply chain risk
March 20, 2023Supply Chain News: The Demographic Wallop that will Soon Hit Chinese Families
The Disastrous Results of 35 Years of the One Child Policy Coming Home to Roost
  Topics : China | Economic News | Supply Chain Trends
March 14, 2023Supply Chain News: Will India Supplant China as Factory for the World?
Expert Says Tensions with China will Rise to the Point that Companies will be Forced To Move Manufacturing Out
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
February 23, 2023Nearing Supply Chain Armageddon?
If China Crosses this Red Line, the World May never be the Same, Author Says
  Topics : China | Supply Chain and Government | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security

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