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February 12, 2020Supply Chain News: After Tough Half Year Plus, FedEx Finally Heeds Calls to Merge Some Last Mile Ground and Express Deliveries
Express Driver Says often Saw Ground Deliveries when Dropping Off Express Packages at Same House
  Topics : e-fulfillment | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
January 29, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: DAT Predicts Low Growth in Truckload Rates in 2020
Just 2 Percent Growth in Truckload Rates this Year, DAT Predicts
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
January 16, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Components of US Trucking Costs
Annual Report Explains Why Rates Rose Sharply in 2018 - and Why So Many Carriers Went Bust Last Year
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
January 15, 2020Supply Chain News: States Stepping Up Spending on Logistics Infrastructure. Awaiting New Federal Plan that Never Comes
New Report says Amount Needed Just to Catch Up on Deferred Maintenance is $1 Trillion
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Supply Chain and Government | Transportation
January 08, 2020Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: MIT's Matthias Winkenbach on Drone Delivery Challenges
Winkenbach says there are many real drone challenges, including cost and even route efficiency
  Topics : Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
December 18, 2019Supply Chain News: Parcel World Continues to Turn
Amazon Cuts Off FedEx for Merchant Deliveries, while will Soon Pass UPS in Total Parcel Volumes
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
December 09, 2019Supply Chain News: Get Past the Hype of Delivery Drones, MIT Professor Says
Advantages in Cost are Actually not Clear, but will Drones Do Make Sense for Some Deliveries
  Topics : e-fulfillment | Logistics costs | Logistics | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Supply chain thought leadership | Transportation
December 02, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Growing Number of Container Ship Fires Blamed on Cargo Issues
Mis-declaration and Poor Packing are Key Factors, New Analysis Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply chain risk | Transportation
November 13, 2019Supply Chain News: Yet another Study Finds Detention Still Major Issue for Carriers, Drivers
ELDs Not having Much Impact Yet, as Del Monte Shortens Time after Which Charges Accrue
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
November 11, 2019How To Reach U.S. Net Zero Emissions By 2050: Decarbonizing Transportation
Net Zero Pathway Illustrates a set of Policies That Would Enable the U.S. to Achieve a Very Ambitious Target
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Transportation

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