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August 08, 2017Supply Chain News: Truckload Carriers See Mixed Q2 Results, with Signs of Freight Strength Coming
Profits for Our Group of Seven Carriers Down 8.5%, Rates Up 1.0-1.5%
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
July 31, 2017Supply Chain News: Transportation News Round Up for Aug. 1, 2017
ATA Strongly Rebukes those Seeking ELD Mandate Delay; CSX Gets Service Warning from STB During Changes in Operations; UPS Says Most Retailers will Aceept Peak Surcharge
  Topics : Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Rail carriers/transportation | Transportation | Trucking
July 25, 2017Supply Chain News: Do Felons Represent a Mass Labor Market to Address Truck Driver Shortage?
Some Carriers Open to the Idea for Non-Violent Criminals, but There are Barriers
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking
July 05, 2017Supply Chain News: Walmart Denies Telling Carriers It doesn't Want Them Hauling Freight for Amazon
Report Comes Just One Week after Reports Its Tech Vendors Can't Use Amazon Web Services
  Topics : | Transportation | Trucking | Wal-Mart
June 22, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Will Long Stretch of Flat Truckload Rates in US End Soon?
Rates Now Below Where They Were in 2015, but Strengthening Spot Market Could Augur Coming Hikes
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
June 21, 2017Supply Chain News: After More than Two Years of Flatness and Decline, are US Truckload Rates at Last Poised to Head Up?
Spot Rates Up Sharply in May, as Volumes Continue to Rise, Perhaps Auguring Contract Rate Hike Later in Year
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking
June 21, 2017Green Supply Chain News: Local Dealer Develops New Truck Tractor that Surprisingly Nears 10 Miles per Gallon Performance
Real Tests with Real Carriers Demonstrating the Promise - before the Super Trucks get Here
  Topics : Green supply chain | Transportation | Trucking
June 20, 2017Seeing Green: Why Fleets are Jumping on the Sustainability Trend
In Some Cases, the Better the Biodiesel Usage by Fleets Equals More Freight Being Awarded by Customers
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Trucking
June 12, 2017Supply Chain News: As Many as 70% of Drivers Could Lose Jobs by 2030 Due to Autonomous Trucks, Report Finds
Should Driverless Trucks Roll Out be Metered to Reduce Short Term Impact on Unemployment and Society?
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking
June 06, 2017Supply Chain News: Lots of News in Self-Driving Truck Sector
Google Parent Jumping in Mix; Uber Kills Otto Brand among Legal Issues; Autonomous Trucks to Cause Massive Driver Job Losses, New Report Says
  Topics : Transportation | Trucking

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