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April 02, 2018Supply Chain News: What are the Next Generation Procurement Skills?
Avnish Patel of Air Products Says Procurement Managers Need to become More Fluid
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
March 29, 2018Retail Vendor Performance Management News Round Up for March, 2018
Whole Foods Applies Big Deductions to Vendors; Amazon Charging Some Products New Transportation Fees; Efforts to Revive US Appararel Manufacturing
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain
March 29, 2018The State of Retailer-Vendor Supply Chain Relationships 2018 Part 3
A Final Look at Highlights from Our Benchmark Reports
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain
March 29, 2018Compliance Networks Corner: BOPIS to the Rescue - Inventory Integrity
Auburn Study Finds ASN Accuracy Remain Key Issue
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain
March 28, 2018Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series: The Impact of Advanced Analytics on Supply Chain Planning
How will these new capabilities impact the role of supply chain planner?
  Topics : Supply Chain Analytics and Big Data | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
March 27, 2018Supply Chain News: More Unusual Patents for eCommerce Deliveries from Amazon
Use of OnDemand Air Bags to Cushion Dropped Parcels, and Drones that Interpret Human Hand Gestures
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce
March 26, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT News: SCDigest Reissues Simple Model for Understanding RFID versus Bar Codes
Still not much Action in RFID and Supply Chain; SCDigest Models Helps to Categorize Opportunties
  Topics : RFID
March 21, 2018Supply Chain News: Just what Share of US GDP comes from the Manufacturing Sector?
Share of Domestic GDP continues to Fall, but Share of Real GDP More Steady – Though No One Really Knows for Sure
  Topics : Manufacturing
March 20, 2018International Maritime Organization May Mandate Slow Streaming, Ultimately Raising Costs for Shippers and Creating Supply Chain Issues
Just One of Many Issues on Table at IMO Meeting in London in Early April, with Major Consequences
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Green supply chain | Ocean carriers | Transportation
March 19, 2018Supply Chain News: FedEx DC Embracing Autonomous Mobile Robots - but Impact on Jobs is Minimal If Any
AMRs Replace Traditional Tuggers in Job where Humans Add Little Value
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation

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