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September 08, 2020

Supply Chain News: Pandemic Slows Down Growth Warehouse Jobs and Wages

Rapid Growth in Employment and Recent Rise in Pay has Reversed, at Least for Now

TOPICS : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics

September 07, 2020

Supply Chain News: In Surprising move, 3PL Transplace Acquires Consulting Firm LeanCor

Expects to Leverage Logistics Improvements as Part of Lean Strategies

TOPICS : Lean | Logistics | Third-party logistics | Transportation | Trucking

September 02, 2020

RFID, AIDC and IoT New Round Up for September 2, 2020

Victoria's Secret Says It's not Tracking Consumers with Bra RFID; Fake Bar Codes Used to Steal as Much as $1 Million in Merchandise from Home Depot; Toppan Announces New RFID-Powered e-Ink Paper-like Display

TOPICS : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID

September 02, 2020

Global Supply Chain News: Maersk Leads Way at Ocean Carriers actually Making Money Despite Falling Demand

Carriers have Shown Unprecedented Discpline, Keeping Capacity in Line with Demand

TOPICS : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation

September 01, 2020

Supply Chain News: Drone Deliveries Crawling Forward, as Amazon at Last Catches Break with FAA

Amazon Gets OK for some Drone Deliveries, but Regular Flights for Everyone could Still be Many Years Away

TOPICS : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation

September 01, 2020

Let the Debate Begin! Gartner Names Top University Graduate Supply Chain Programs for 2020

Penn State Keeps its Dominance after Losing Top Spot for Undergraduate Programs

TOPICS : Fun stuff | Supply Chain Trends

August 26, 2020

Supply Chain News: Toyota Way and Industry 4.0

Lean Manufacturing Can Leverage Digital Technologies

TOPICS : Lean | Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends

August 25, 2020

With Shelves Still Empty, Lean Supply Chain Practices get the Blame

CPG Factories Maxed Out in the Face of Surging Demand, Forgot the Part of Lean that Called for Backup Plans

TOPICS : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Inventory management | Lean | Retail industry supply chain

August 25, 2020

Supply Chain News: American Trucking Association Sues Chassis Leasers and Ocean Carriers over Container Chassis Practices

Monopolistic Type Behavior Costs Carriers and Shippers Billions, ATA Complaint to Federal Maritime Commission

TOPICS : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Transportation | Trucking