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January 12, 2017SCDigest's Cool New Product of the Month for January, 2017
New ACTYLUS Smart Bin System from Apex Supply Chain Technologies Automates Replenishment for Direct and MRO Materials On the Line
  Topics : Cool New Products | Manufacturing | Supply Chain Innovation
January 03, 2017Supply Chain News: Study from MAPI Finds Manufacturers are Behind in Preparing for Cyber Threats on Shop Floor, Connected Products
Industry 4.0, IoT Adding to Risks, While Gaps between Traditional Corporate IT and Operational Technology Teams Need to Bridged
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain risk | Supply Chain studies
December 12, 2016Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: Predictions on Use of Robots in the Supply Chain from IDC
From the Energence of the Chief Robotics Officer to Robots as a Service
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends
November 29, 2016Supply Chain News: Is the End of "Made in China" Truly on the Horizon?
Reports that Apple and Foxconn Again Looking at US Production, but How Much More will the US Consumer be willing to Pay for Goods?
  Topics : China | Global supply chain | Green Sourcing | Manufacturing
November 17, 2016Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: An Inflection Point in 3D Printing?
As Technology for Printing with Metal-Alloys Improves, GE Says 3D Printing Now Ready for Prime Time
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends
November 15, 2016Supply Chain News: GE Makes Major Strides in 3D Printing, as Advances in Metals-Based Composition Opens Up Many New Applications
GE's Success and Acquisitions Likely has Other Manufacturers Scrambling to Build their Own Capabilities; Printing Process is Slow, but Still Often Much Faster than Casting and Machining
  Topics : Manufacturing
November 07, 2016Supply Chain News: Are Manufacturers Waiting for the Next Recession to Deploy All the Robots?
Interesting Analysis Shows US Manufacturers Generally Wait Until Recessions to Bring in the Automation
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
October 26, 2016Supply Chain News: What is the Real State of US Manufacturing?
CNN Says US Manufacturing is ''Booming,'' but Data Doesn't Support that View
  Topics : Manufacturing
October 20, 2016Supply Chain News: As Manufacturers Go High Tech, Finding Software Talent is Big Challenge
Many Millennials For Now Don't See Allure of Manufacturing Work, Social Purpose of Manufacturers versus Silicon Valley
  Topics : Manufacturing
October 10, 2016Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: A Manufacturing Day Look at US Manufacturing Data
Some Facts on Stare of US Manufacturing for Manufacturing Day 2016
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring

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