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June 29, 2020Supply Chain News: Gartner Study Finds 33% of Companies at Least Partially Moving Out of China
Companies Seeking Greater Resilience, but that Comes with a Cost
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply Chain studies
June 23, 2020Supply Chain News: Why Does Setup Time Reduction Matter So Much with Lean?
Dramatic Improvements Can Often be Achieved
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing
June 09, 2020Supply Chain News: US Factories Struggle to Get Back in Gear Amid Demand, Supply and Infection Protection Challenges
US PMI Shows Major Contraction, but Stabilizes, as Fears Many Manufacturers will not Make it
  Topics : Manufacturing
June 03, 2020Supply Chain News: US PMI for May Shows Significant but Stable Manufacturing Contraction, while Atlanta Fed Predicts Massive Decline in Q2 GDP
Manufacturing Sector Continues to Contract but Up a Bit from April, while Fd Bank Sees Q2 GDP Fall of more than 50%
  Topics : Economic News | Manufacturing
May 20, 2020Global Supply Chain News: Will US Subsidize moving US Sourcing Out of China?
US Developing Fund to Support Reshoring, though Concerns it Would Reward Offshoring
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply Chain and Government
May 12, 2020Supply Chain News: Many Factory Closures becoming Permanent, not Temporary, as Virus Accelerates the Fate of Plants
Apple Moving Production out of China, but not not for US
  Topics : Manufacturing
May 06, 2020Supply Chain News: Manufacturers Sharing Tips for Safe Operations with Virus Crises
One CEO has Nightmares about Unwiped Surfaces in Plant
  Topics : Manufacturing
April 21, 2020Supply Chain News: More Changes Coming to Manufacturing as a Result of Virus, as VW Enacts 100 New Practices
The Key Question: Will They Last?
  Topics : Manufacturing
April 15, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: As Virus Causes Countries to Rethink Offshoring, a Look at Manufacturing Share of GDP for Leading Nations
Australia too Looks to Bring Manufacturing Back Home
  Topics : China | Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
April 07, 2020Supply Chain News: Sausage Maker Premio Foods Details Steps to Keep Customers and Workers Safe from Virus
Bloomberg Reports Food Manufacurers Seeing Increased Absenteeism and Worker Concerns about Safety
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain risk

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