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January 01, 2018Supply Chain News: Mixed Data on US Manufacturing Performance in 2017
Though It Is Clear There Were Gains, the Question is Just How Much
  Topics : Manufacturing
December 06, 2017Supply Chain News: The Economic Prize is Huge if US Can Regain Manufacturing Strength, McKinsey Says
It Will Not be Easy, but if Done Right $530 Billion Could be Added to US Economy
  Topics : Manufacturing
November 13, 2017Supply Chain News: UAW Losing Streak Continues Losing Steak, as Workers in Dayton Soundly Reject Union at Fuyao Glass Plant
After Recent Failures in South, UAW Now Loses Vote in Rust Belt State
  Topics : Manufacturing
November 01, 2017Nike Hopes to Shave Some Lead Times to 10 Days from Nearshoring Production, as it Transforms Supply Chain and Go-to-Market Strategy
Nike Wants to Double On-Line Sales from 15 to 30 percent over Next Five Years
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Manufacturing | Retail industry supply chain | Supply chain transformation
October 18, 2017Supply Chain News: Whirlpool Wins Major Ruling Against Imports in Rarely Used Filing – will Others Follow Suit?
Solar Panel Makers also Likely to Get Tariffs on Imports, as Protectionism Might get Real
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
October 03, 2017Supply Chain News: Legislation Introduced in Congress to Support Made in USA through Better Labeling, New Official Designation
Bill Might Ease Burden on Manufacturers Uncertain over What can be Call Made in America and what Can't
  Topics : Manufacturing
September 12, 2017Supply Chain News: Is 5S Really the Way to Begin Lean Transformation?
Depends on How it is Perceived from the Perpsecpective of Shop Floor Employees, Pracitioner Says
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing
August 31, 2017The Labor (Day) Supply Chain 2017
Not a Good Year for US Labor, but a Couple of Bright Spots in Landscape Unfavorable to Labor and Unions
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends
August 30, 2017Supply Chain News: The Opportunities for Using Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Physical Twins Provide Data over Time that Allows Digital Version to Simulate and Optimize Peformance, Among Other Benefits
  Topics : Manufacturing
August 16, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: New Technologies to Drive More Granular "Profit per Hour Metric" in Manufacturing
Tools Available to Allow Manufacturers to Greatly Reduce to Reduce Production Variability, McKinsey Says
  Topics : Manufacturing | Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends

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