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February 19, 2020RFID, AIDC and IoT New Round Up for Feb. 19, 2020
Is Walmart Ready for Item-Level RFID? RFID Diaper from MIT Alerts when a Change is Needed; RFID Blocking Wallets May be Smart after All
  Topics : RFID
February 18, 2020Supply Chain News: Intel Thought Leader on Eight Manufacturing Megatrends
Big Changes Coming, as Manufacturing Gets Truly Smart, 3D Printing Arrives, New Types of Materials are Developed
  Topics : Manufacturing
February 18, 2020Supply Chain News: More Evidence Piece Picking Robots are almost Here
Covidiant AI Latest to Use AI to Drive High Levels of Piece Pick Accuracy
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation | Order picking
February 14, 2020Global Supply Chain News: Coronavirus Playing Havoc on Global Shipping
After Tariffs, another Reason to Rethink Over Reliance on China for Sourcing?
  Topics : China | Global logistics | Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
February 12, 2020Supply Chain Video News: Has Polish Startup Solved Piece-Picking Challenge?
NoMagic Uses Machine Vision and AI
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation | Order picking
February 12, 2020Supply Chain News: After Tough Half Year Plus, FedEx Finally Heeds Calls to Merge Some Last Mile Ground and Express Deliveries
Express Driver Says often Saw Ground Deliveries when Dropping Off Express Packages at Same House
  Topics : e-fulfillment | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
February 10, 2020RFID, AIDC, and IoT News: Amazon Files for Patent for Wearable Computers Working with Vision Systems
System would Verify Selected Items in Retail and Warehouses through Imaging, but Advantage in FCs versus Current Technology not Clear
  Topics : | Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation
February 04, 2020Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: Gartner's Dwight Klappich on the Coming Smart Warehouse Era
Gartner analyst Dwight Klappich describes a transformation that will have a profound impact on logistics.
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
February 03, 2020Supply Chain News: Highlights of NAM CEO Jay Timmons State of Manufacturing Address
Announces Major New Campaign to Attract Manufacturing Workers, Details Policy Objectives
  Topics : Manufacturing
February 02, 2020Supply Chain News: Amazon has Blow Out Q4 Despite Soaring Shipping Cost
Amazon Generates Solid Profts, but AWS Web Services Segment Contributes Much of the Operating Income
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain

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