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November 24, 2020

Supply Chain News: Leaked Amazon Documents May Show Company was Spying on Fulfillment Center Workers over Potential Unionization Activities

Amazon Spokesperson Strongly Disputes Many of the Allegations, but Says It is Using Pinkerton – only for High Value Shipments

TOPICS : | Distribution | e-fulfillment

November 18, 2020

Supply Chain News: 5 Tips for Avoiding Procurement Failures

From Ensuring there is Real Competition to Understanding Supplier Incentives, Smart Steps to Keep Procurement On Track

TOPICS : Procurement/Supplier Management

November 18, 2020

Supply Chain News: What are the Largest Freight Companies in the World?

FedEx and UPS again Stand Atop the List, which US Dominates

TOPICS : Ocean carriers | Transportation | Trucking

November 17, 2020

Supply Chain News: Gartner's Dwight Klappich on WMS Trends

What Do Buyers See as Most Important WMS Selection Criteria?

TOPICS : Distribution | Warehouse Mananagement Systems

November 16, 2020

Global Supply Chain News: MIT's Yossi Sheffi on Path Forward in Trade with China

Biden may Seek Allies to Push Back on China, Sheffi Says, but Overall Policies Unlikely to Change Much

TOPICS : China | Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring

November 11, 2020

Supply Chain News: What are the Top Issues for Truckers in 2020?

The Driver Shortage again Tops the List, but Carriers, Drivers have Very Different Priorities

TOPICS : Logistics | Transportation | Trucking

November 11, 2020

Will DNA-based Identifiers Supplant Bar Codes, RFID?

University of Washington and Microsoft Researchers Claim Breakthrough in Technology that was too Hard Previously

TOPICS : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID

November 10, 2020

When it Comes to Distribution Centers, eCommerce – What Else – is Driving the Market

From Continued Major Aborption of Warehouse Space to Small, Automated Urban DCs, Companies to Invest in eFulfillment

TOPICS : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Supply Chain Trends | Warehouse design

November 10, 2020

Supply Chain News: Is It Time for a New Generation of "Mangineers" in Manufacturing?

Apparel Company Esquel Group Drives Significant Productivity Gains Combining Engineering and Operational Skills

TOPICS : Lean | Manufacturing