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September 22, 2020

Supply Chain News: Perhaps Surprisingly, OH Foundry Benefitting from 3D Printing

Approach Transformed the US Castings Industry, with Dramatic Increases in Speed of Delivery

TOPICS : Manufacturing

September 22, 2020

Supply Chain News: What in the Heck is Going On at Nikola Motors?

Co-Founder Milton Resigns after Shorter Seller Alleges Securities Fraud

TOPICS : Transportation | Trucking

September 22, 2020

Supply Chain News: Coming to Mall Area Near You – a Amazon Mini-Fulfillment Center

Amazon to Open more than 1000 Local Delivery Stations Close to Communities to Support Rapid Delivery

TOPICS : Web News

September 16, 2020

Global Supply Chain News: Peak Shipping Season May not be a Bust After All

West Coast Ports and Logistics Companies Struggling to Meet Surge of Volumes

TOPICS : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation

September 16, 2020

Supply Chain News: A Strategic Plan for US Freight Transportation

New DOT Report Sets Objectives, but Getting there Won't be Easy

TOPICS : Logistics | Supply Chain and Government | Transportation | Trucking

September 15, 2020

Supply Chain News: Distribution Center Workers Risk Infection, Washington Post Reports

Soaring Temp Workers Make Social Distancing in DCs almost Impossible, as Pressure to Deliver can Trump Safety

TOPICS : Distribution

September 14, 2020

RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Thou Must Still Follow the 10 Commandments of Bar Coding in 2020

There was a Time when Bar Coding was Very Hard Indeed, but Following the Basic Still Needed for Success

TOPICS : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC

September 10, 2020

Supply Chain News: Which US States are Best for Manufacturing 2020?

Utah Edges Out Usual Winner Indiana to Top the List, as SCDigest Turns Letter Grades into Numeric Score from Ball State Data

TOPICS : Manufacturing

September 08, 2020

Supply Chain News: FAME Training Program from National Association of Manufacturers Delivering Results

Focus on Soft Skills Key to Success for Technician Graduates

TOPICS : Manufacturing