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March 14, 2019The Chainmail Effect: How Globalization Impacts the Supply Chain
Enabling Markets and Regions to Link to Others With Less Cost and Risk
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain
March 13, 2019EOQ Model and the Hidden Costs of Fixed Costs
Hidden Fixed Costs may be Hurting the Productivity of you or Your Team
  Topics : Supply chain costs
February 28, 2019From Spreadsheets to AI: Bridging the Supply Chain Solutions Gap
Addressing Your Organization's Immediate Data Fidelity and Access Challenges is the Best way to Solve Today's Business Challenges
  Topics : Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply chain thought leadership
February 21, 2019Periodic Versus Continuous Planning - What’s Needed for Success?
Periodic and Continuous Planning are Both Highly Interconnected and Essential to be Successful
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software
February 14, 2019Just Call it a Trade Wall: Overcoming the Barriers
Trade Policies all Around the Globe are on the Move
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain
January 24, 2019Supply Chain Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Why Continuous Planning is the Ultimate New Supply Chain Weapon
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software
January 08, 20192019 Predictions for the Supply Chain
Five Current Trends That are the Basis for This Year's Predictions
  Topics : Supply Chain
December 31, 2018Supply Chain Comment: "Let's Get Ready to Rumble"
Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors now Actively Compete for the end Consumer Through Their own Websites
  Topics : e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain
December 12, 2018My Video Call with Santa Claus
Update on the Christmas Express Supply Chain
  Topics : Supply Chain
November 27, 2018Supply Chain Comment: Information Has a Shelf Life, Too
Importance of Timely Information in the Hands of Vested Stakeholders Will Continue to Grow at an Exponential Rate
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain thought leadership

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