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Weekly On Target Newsletter
Dec. 4 , 2007 - Supply Chain Digest On-Target Newsletter
  This Week:  
  Manufacturing News: So Just What was the Problem with Microsoft's Xbox 360  
  Global Logistics: World Bank Report Ranks 150 Countries on Logistics Performance  
  Material Handling News: Is Automation a Natural Complement to Lean Strategies?  
  Transportation and Logistics News: Quarterly Bear Stearns Report Finds Conditions Continue to Improve for Shippers  
  Supply Chain Software: Who Controls the Buying Decision, IT or Operations?  
  Procurement and Sourcing News: The New World of "Capability Sourcing"
  RFID News: RFID Patent Pool, Take 2  

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Supply Chain Trends and Issues
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Featured Story

Who Controls the Buying Decision, IT or Operations?


Research from Forrester says Dynamics are Changing in Favor of "the Business;" Good News for Supply Chain Managers?

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Where are Private Label Sales Headed, and What is the Impact on Consumer Goods and other Manufacturers?

Despite Increasing Retailer Interest, Growth is Flat, but $55 Billion is at Stake; Planning your Supply Chain Strategy

 Distribution and Material Handling Focus
Featured Story
Is Automation a Natural Complement to Lean Strategies?

New White Paper Says Material Handling and Ergonomics Too Often Take a Back Seat in Process Design

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Annual 3PL Study Finds Relationships and Value are there, but Projections for Increased Outsourcing Have Not Materialized (Part 2)

Overall Satisfaction Grows, but Customers Would Like Improvements in 3PL Supply Chain Technology Sophistication

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Part 1: Getting Real Results from Engineered Labor Standards - Now available On-Demand.
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Part 2: The Role of LMS Software in a Performance Culture - Soon Available On Demand
Part 3: Enhancing Workforce Performance with Incentive Systems - Jan. 10, 2008
Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus
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Session 2: Securing the Global Supply Chain - Soon Available On Demand

Session 3: The 10 Keys to Global Logistics Excellence
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Featured Story
World Bank Report Ranks 150 Countries on Logistics Performance

New Index Recognizes Role of Logistics in Overall Country Competitiveness; Singapore Tops the Ratings; US is 14th

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In Search of a Landed Cost Model
  Penn State Research Lays out a Framework, but Few Companies are Capturing All the Elements
RFID and Auto ID Focus
Featured Story
RFID Patent Pool, Take 2

Two Years after Initial Launch, RFID Consortium Formed to License RFID Patents is Revamped; Are IP Issues in RFID Declining?

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Are Printable Transistors the Magic Bullet for Mass RFID Adoption?
  New Company Kovio Brings New Technology to Market; a Step-changed in Production Costs?
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Sourcing and Procurement Focus

On-Demand Videocast

How Did Johnson & Johnon Make It's e-Procurement Program Work?  

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Featured Story

The New World of "Capability Sourcing"

With the Decline in Vertical Integration, Sourcing Drives the Value Chain

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When Negotiating with Suppliers, Should You Make the First Move?
  Traditional Wisdom says No, but Stanford Research Says Making First Offer Provides the Power of "Anchoring"
Transportation Management Focus


Featured Story

Quarterly Bear Stearns Report Finds Conditions Continue to Improve for Shippers  

Expectations for Carrier Rate Hikes Continue to be Modest; Growing Diversion of Rail Movement to Truck?

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Will Drug Use by Truck Drivers Become an Increasing Issue? 

New GAO Report Shows Testing Labs Easily Duped; What will be the Ripple Effects from Tougher Policies?

Manufacturing Focus
Featured Story

So Just What was the Problem with Microsoft Xbox 360?
  As Its Reserves for Warranty Claims Rise, the Root Cause is a Guess Outside Microsoft; the "Red Rings of Doom"
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Do We Need more Focus on "Manufacturing Logistics?"

  Material Flow Issues often Impact Productivity; Layout and Technology both Play a Role

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