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Focus on Transportation Management Systems
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2006 was "the year of transportation management systems," as a variety of external pressures and a growing recognition of the strategic importance of transportation led many companies to consider and implement new TMS solutions.

On this page, we provide a variety of resources to help you inderstand and select the TMS technology that is right for you.

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TMS Related Resources

Here you will find a variety of free resources available to subscribers of Supply Chain Digest or The Supply Chain Digest Letter.

Downloadable version of the SCDigest Letter on TMS
Video from the Supply Chain Television Channel on the concept of "Holistic Transportation Management," featuring ARC's Adrian Gonzalez and Manhattan Associates' Matt Harding

TMS Case Studies

TMS White Papers

Some of the "best of Supply Chain Digest" - article and columns on Transportation Management

Link to the on-demand version of our "How to Select a TMS" Videocast. Cost $299.00, and it will save you weeks of time, help you better understand TMS solutions and improve your vendor selection process

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Ten Trends in TMS Software

Thinking About TMS  
When Changing Businesses Processes, How Much Time Should You Expend Documenting the Current Ones?
The Pros and Cons of the On-Demand TMS Model

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Considering TMS in 2007

Our how to select a TMS Videocast, only from SCDigest and Supply Chain Television Channel, will save weeks on time and help you make the right decision.

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Transportation Manager Apple Computer

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TMS Tools
On-Demand versus Traditional Cost Calculator

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Example ROA Calculation Summary

See where one high tech company expected to find the saving from a new TMS more $14 milltion in net savings over 5 years.

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Expert Insight
What's Driving Interest in On-Demand TMS?

For some, a simple answer is better, and the impact on connectivity and infrastructure requirements must be considered. But users must balanced short term and longer term consideration

By Stephen Craig Erik Markeset, CP Consulting

There clearly is an increased interest in on-demand/hosted/ASP'ed Transportation Management System (TMS). Why is this happening?

From Working with many companies looking at or deploying TMS, our belief is that there are several factors driving this interest:

Some of the on-demand offerings are to an extent, simpler, which appeals to some users. For example, some on-demand TMS products may lack mult-mode, mult-leg international functionality. But, there are a many companies that don't need that functionality, either because they aren't shipping like that or because when they do they use forwarders.

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Featured Video

Is it Time for Holistic

Transportation Management?

Watch our video discussion with ARCs's Adrian Gonzalez and Manhattan's Matt Harding.

Watch it right no

Featured TMS Resources

Case Study: PPG Industries Paints a Picture of Success with TMS



Case Study: Building Products Giant Johns Manville Achieves Major Improvements in Transportation with Load Control Center


Case Study: Stage Stores Keeps on Truckin'


White Paper: Transportation Management and the Adaptive Supply Chain

Considering adding Warehouse Management to your SAP environment?

Many companies are considering adding best-of-breed Warehouse Management solutions to their SAP ERP environment, but are uncertain as to integration options and issues.

This information white paper from Softeon reviews WMS deployment options within an SAP environment, describes the technical requirements in a straight-forward, jargon-free fashion, and overviews the importance of SAP's certification program for integration external WMS solutions with ERP and enw NetWeaver platform.

Integrating WMS with SAP White Paper
Featured TMS Solutions

Run an Efficient and Profitable Transport Network

Shippers Commonwealth us the premier provider of On Demand transportation planning and management systems

SAP Delivers New Transportation Management Functionality to World-Class Supply Chain Management Solution, Allowing Companies to Better Plan, Maintain and Execute Shipments Globally

Featured TMS Thought Leadership

Transportation Management Systems: What Today's Shippers Want

On-Demand solution and collaboration options are high on the list

by Robert Shagawat
Shippers Commonwealth

Read the full article here

Transportation Management   - The Future of TMS

The future of TMS is one in which capabilities are much more flexibly integrated with the rest of the enterprise and supply chain processes

by JP Wiggins
Industry Solutions, Transportation

Read the full article here