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September 29, 2009
This Week
Distribution and Material Handling: It's Not Easy to Size a DC's Capacity Correctly

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distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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Featured Story

It's Not Easy to Size a DC's Capacity Correctly

Part Art, Part Science, Assumptions and Appetite for Risk are Key; How Many Standard Deviations Can You Handle?

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Moving Up? New Whirlpool DCs, Warehouse Management System Make Wall Street Journal

Whirlpool Goes from 41 to 10 DCs; $600 Million Total Investment

supplySupply Chain Trends and Issues Focus

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Featured Story

Integrated Supply Chain Planning and Execution is Coming

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore gives CSCMP Presentation to Overflow Crowd; Moving towards Sense and Respond

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Impact of the Great Recession on Supply Chains

Most have Taken a Beating, but come out Stronger; 2010 Toughest Planning Year Ever?


Transportation Management Focus

Category Sponsor: Lean Logistics

Featured Story

Despite Dramatic Decline in Volumes, Railroads Staying Profitable, Investing in Service and Speed

New Understanding of the Benefits of Velocity; More Variable Cost Structures

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The Impact of Packaging Optimization on Transportation Management

From 120 Units per Pallet to 300; Suddenly, a Hot Area

SAAS Matters: Leveraging a vast
network to source smarter and faster

Join LeanLogistics’ representatives, senior leadership, and your peers at a roundtable in a city near you.  You’ll learn how to leverage $5 billion in transportation spend to streamline your operation allowing you to identify 16% annual average cost savings (up to 30% has been achieved) rapidly, with minimal resources.

Green Supply Chain Focus - from TheGreenSupplyChain.com (an SCDigest Web Site)

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Network Design &
Planning for  End-to-End
Supply Chain Optimization

ILOG LogicNet Plus XE Incorporates Carbon Emissions into Supply Chain Network Design


Featured Story

Carbon Disclosure Project Keeps Getting More Disclosure, 2009 Report Shows

Corporate Participation Continues to Climb, as Pressure Gets More Heavy Handed


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French President Plans on Carbon Taxes - and Tariffs

Sarkozy Says He Will Lead Charge to Ensure EU Companies not Undercut by Countires without Heavy CO2 Emissions Costs; The "Climate-Energy Contribution" Tax



Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

Category Sponsor: SCTV

Featured Story

Think Best in Market, Not World Class, in Developing Markets, Walmart's Gary Maxwell Says

Culture, Talent, Infrastructure and more Should All Impact Supply Chain Design; Some Competitors Over-Automating?

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Furor over Decision to Hit China Hard on Tire Tariffs, as Fears of Renewed Protectionism Rise

Now Looking at Paper, Glass, Steel, Cement, Union President Says after Tire Success


RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

Understanding UHF Tag Performance

Read Range Requirements, Application Scenario, Regulatory Requirements and Surfaces to be Tagged are Key, European Test Center Says;"On-Metal" Performance has Increased Rapidly

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Best Practices in Rolling Out Vendor Bar Code and RFID Compliance Programs

Bar Code Labeling, RFID, ASNs all Smooth the Flow of Goods, but Following Best Practices will Get Your Supply Chain There Sooner


How Multi-Modal Wireless Technology is Driving New Productivity Gains in Distribution


Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

Kraft Hopes to Save $300 Million through Supplier Rationalization

Number of Strategic Suppliers to be Cut in Half - to 35,000!

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Recession Close to Over, Manufacturers Alliance Forecasters Say

11.9% Decline in Production Output this Year, but Most of that has Already Occurred; Big Growth Manufacturing Technology Investments Expected for 2010



CSCMP 2009 Day 1 Video Review

CSCMP 2009 Day 2 Video Review

CSCMP 2009 Day 3 Video Review

CSCMP 2009 Full Writen
Review and Comment


Sourcing and Procurement Focus


Featured Story

Investment in Procurement Technology Continues, Recession or Not, Forrester Report Finds

The Nine Categories of E-Purchasing Tools; Supplier Web Portals becoming Obsolete?

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Sourcing Optimization Technology, Part 2

Optimization Can Deliver Big Benefits, but with Much Change in Process Required; Finding the Sweet Spot

Labor Management Strategies for Emerging Economic and Political Realities

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