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April 13, 2011Supply Chain Question: What is the Tipping Point for Moving to a Consolidated DC?
Reader wants to know: Are there any guidelines for when a consumer goods manufacturer should move from plant shipments to a consolidated DC for all or most customer shipments? Our experts respond.
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Distribution | Inbound logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Network design/optimization
April 29, 2010Supply Chain Question: Using Wearable RF Devices in Distribution
After watching our Videocast, reader has questions about battery life, screen formatting, and best applications in the DC for wearables.
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Distribution | Order picking
February 15, 2010Supply Chain Question: Receiving Audits in a Manufacturing Warehouse?
Reader thinks inspecting each incoming box of supplier parts takes too much time, but manufacturing wants the inventory accuracy. What are the options? Our experts respond - add your thoughts.
  Topics : Inventory management | Manufacturing
October 01, 2009Supply Chain Question: How Can We Improve DC Labor Retention?
I am currently working on efforts to improve retention in our distribution facilities. We regularly research to ensure the pay is above market...
  Topics : Distribution | Labor Management Systems | Logistics
May 14, 2009Supply Chain Question: Calculating Distribution Center Capacity
What is the best way to calculate the maximum throughput of a given warehouse or distribution center?
  Topics : Distribution | Warehouse design
March 06, 2009Supply Chain Question: How to Calculate Discount for Customer Freight Pick-Up?
How do I go about figuring a pick up allowance per cwt for my customer? More specifically, if we typically deliver to a customer and then they want to pick up, they are asking for a pick up allowance. In the past here it has been figured per hundred weight, as we have bracket pricing for the baking powder that is ordered. I just am not getting it. Typically, I have been told to take the weight of the shipment x .100 then divide that by the cost to ship the load.
  Topics : Transportation
February 20, 2009Reader Question: What are the Pros and Cons of Using Vending Machines for MRO Items?
What are the Pros and Cons of Vending Machine Use when Managing MRO Items, and Where Might I Find Additional Information on this Subject?
  Topics : Inventory management
February 16, 2009Reader Question: How to Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Offshore Suppliers?
My company has an extended supply chain with all suppliers and factories located in Asia. Visibility is clearly a challenge. Could you suggest a few approaches to improve visibility? Currently a flood of excel spreadsheets are the primary tools. Web portals comes to mind.
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Supply chain visibility
February 05, 2009Reader Question: Difference Between Hosted, On-Demand, and SaaS Supply Chain Software?
I am Confused on Terms for Supply Chain Software. Is there any Real Difference between "Hosted," "On-Demand," and/or "Software as a Service?" Why So Many Terms?
  Topics : Supply chain software
January 29, 2009Reader Question: Reducing Sort Lanes to Reduce DC Costs
To Reduce Distribution Costs, We are Evaluating Whether We can Reduce the Number of Sort Lanes We Use? How Should We Think About This?
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation

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