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RFID News and Views
January 02, 2019RFID, AIDC and IoT: A Look Back at the 10 Commandments of Bar Coding
There was a Time when Bar Coding was Very Hard Indeed
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC
December 10, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT New Round Up for Dec. 11, 2018
Claimed Breakthrough in RTLS System Costs; RFID Just a Bridge Technology for Sensors? Questions to Ask before Getting an RFID Implant
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID
November 26, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT New Round Up for Nov. 26, 2018
MIT Using RFID to Identify Contaminated Foods; Number of RFID Implanters Continues to Grow; Annual Zebra Study Shows Modest Growth in IoT Spend
  Topics : RFID
November 07, 2018RFID, AIDC, and IoT News: Global RFID Market to Reach $11 Billion in 2018, but Growth is Slow
IDTechEx Forecasts Growth of 2% per Year Through 2020, 10% of Apparel Items will be Tagged
  Topics : RFID market size | RFID
October 17, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT News: New Study from Auburn Finds EPC Eliminates Most Shipping Accuracy Errors from Brands to Retailers
The Cost of Implementing RFID at Brands is Less than Cost of Chargebacks, Research Finds
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain | RFID
September 11, 2018How Prescient was Gartner on the Path RFID in 2004?
Then Analyst Jeff Woods was Mostly Spot on in Predicting Disillusionment Just as Walmart Mandate was Getting Started
  Topics : RFID | Wal-Mart
August 28, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT News Round Up for Aug. 28, 2018
Wisconsin Company Sees Expanding RFID Implant Numbers; Invisible Bar Codes could Ensure Meat Integrity; RFID wil Power Industrie 4.0
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Data collection/AIDC | RFID
August 14, 2018Controversial 2007 Prediction that RFID Would not Replace Bar Coding in the Supply Chain Still Proving Accurate More than 10 Years Later
Noteworthy Blog Post by Heavey RF's Ronan Clinton is More Right than Wrong more than 10 Years Later
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID
July 30, 2018RFID, AIDC and IoT News Round Up for July 31, 2018
Tamper Proof RFID Label; Food Distributor Finds ROI from Tracking Reusable Totes with RFID; Smart Phone Scanning Software Maker Scandit Raises Big Money
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID
July 18, 2018Most IoT Projects Failing, Deloitte Says, but Technology Help is On the Way
Progress Along Five Key Vectors will Make Projects Easier, Enhance Success Rates
  Topics : Internet of Things

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