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RFID News and Views
July 11, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Companies Risk ''Premature Obsolescence'' with Products Connected with Internet of Things Capabilities
Smart Advice from VDC Research on How to Reduce Risk of IoT Obsolescence
  Topics : Internet of Things
June 28, 2016Should You Buy Into RFID Solution Leader Impinj’s New Initial Public Offering?
RFID Chip, Reader and Software Provider Seeing Rapid Growth, has Huge Share in Several Markets
  Topics : RFID market size | RFID
June 01, 2016Implantable RFID Movement Seems to be Growing - Are You Ready for Your Chip?
Dangerous Things has Sold Thousands of Implant Kits, Saw Sales Rise 50% in 2015
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
May 24, 2016Amazon's New Do It Yourself IoT Dash Button and Other Internet of Things News
Also, 10 Major Acquisitions Already in 2016, as Large Companies Acquire IoT Start-Ups
  Topics : Internet of Things
May 10, 2016Potential Breakthrough in Passive RFID Tag Design and Other Important RFID, AIDC and IoT News
Tags 25% Smaller; Delta Lauching RFID Bag Tags at Last; Johnson Controls get Logistics Containers and Racks Under Control
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | RFID
April 25, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Will Drone Based RFID Readers ever Gain Traction?
From the Retail Store to Outdoor Warehouses, a Hunt for Applications
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | Inventory management | RFID
April 07, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Walmart Roiling Its Vendor World with New Carton Marking Requirements in Apparent Attempt to Reduce Out-of-Stocks
Some Vendors Say They will Need New Warehouses to Store All the Corrugate, as Flexographic Printing May be Required Specific to Each SKU; Reaction to Continued Out-of-Stock Challenges?
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Supply Chain | Wal-Mart
March 23, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Wharton on Opportunities and Challenges of Internet of Things Technology
Expert Panel on Simple Ways to Get Started with IoT, but Be Aware of Many Challenges
  Topics : Internet of Things
March 08, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Is Digimarc Stock a Great Buy - or Way Over-hyped and Over-Valued?
Oblique Walmart CEO Reference Sent Stock Soaring Last Year, but SeekingAlpha Analysts not Impressed
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC
February 29, 2016RFID, AIDC and IoT News: Key Issues in Deploying Internet of Things Technology
Security, Integration and Value Assessment are Top Concerns, Gartner Says
  Topics : Internet of Things

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