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Supply Chain News: Tips for Warehouse Managers to Maintain Workers in a “Great Resignation” Era


Communication, Recognition, are Key

Feb. 1, 2022


SCDigest Editorial Staff

The battle for attracting and retaining workers for distribution operations has never been more fevered.

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ProLogistix says that when employees put in a hard day's work, a little recognition for the effort can go a long way in improving their overall morale.

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With ecommerce and surging import levels spurring demand, while in dozens of a metro markets Amazon builds facilities, taking often thousands of distribution workers out of the market.

Add to that an overall market in which workers of all types are increasingly quitting their jobs, usually for what they believe will be better pay and/or working conditions, in what in 2021 was dubbed “the Great Resignation.”

Just in November 2021 along, about 4.5 million US workers left their current positions.

What’s the answer? There is certainly no silver bullet, but in a recent blog post, logistics staffing from Prologistix offered a few tips for warehouse managers to consider to reduce worker turnover.

Warehouse workers, ProLogistix reminds us, “want to work in a company that has a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, with opportunities for career advancement.”

The tips for warehouse managers include the following:

Communicate Effectively: Effective communication is essential for maintaining warehouse productivity, ProLogistix notes, but it's equally important in fostering a happy, healthy workforce.

This communication must include outlining clear objectives for employees. ProLogistix also says that it is critical to communicate with employees one-on-one to ensure they're satisfied in their position and address any concerns they may have – before they walk out the door due whatever issues they have.

Establish Incentives for Employees: Many warehouse workers, ProLogistix says, resign because they want better treatment, different opportunities or simply because they don't feel their paychecks represent the value they bring.

“As more Gen-Zers enter the workforce, they increasingly demand better career advancement opportunities,” ProLogistix adds.

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Warehouse managers must take proactive steps to incentivize potential employees and retain their current talent to deal with shifting employee attitudes, the firm says.

This might include improving the benefits package across the board – and consider raising wage to stay market competitive.

Cultivating a Positive Company Culture: A warehouse's culture has a significant impact on employee satisfaction, ProLogstix notes.

“Maintaining a positive environment can do wonders for your productivity, but it also mitigates the risk of workers jumping ship,” the blog post adds.

Beyond improving communication with workers discussed above, ProLogistix says that when employees put in a hard day's work, a little recognition for the effort can go a long way in improving their overall morale.

The firm adds that offering rewards for outstanding performance can also energize your workforce and encourage healthy competition that ultimately boosts efficiency.

“Remember that collaboration creates a community, so don't pit employees against one another. Instead, acknowledge individual accomplishments as they relate to the team effort,” ProLogistix recommends.

“By following these simple techniques, managers can continue to improve their leadership skills while combating the Great Resignation and traditionally high turnover rates in the warehouse industry,” ProLogistix concludes.

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