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Supply Chain News: Best of NRF 2018 Day 1 - Individual Clips


SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore with Individual Reviews of Top New Solutions He Discovered on Day 1 in New York City

Jan. 23, 2018
SCDigest Editorial Staff

No one covers the National Retail Federation Big Show like Supply Chain Digest, just held last week in New York City.

Last week, we launched our Video Review and Comment for Day 1 and Day 2 of the show.

Supply Chain Digest Says...

The Digimarc bar codes would be printed literally on every inch of all sides of a carton, barely visible as little black dots.

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Then later in the week, SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore dedicated his First Thoughts column to an overall review of the show, including a summary of some of the most interesting new technologies and solutions he saw at thes show. (See Trip Report: NRF 2018 in New York City.)


The two daily video reviews last 12-15 minutes, and may feature new solutions not of interest to all SCDigest readers


So, as we have done in the past, here we break out those longer videos into individual segments, enabling readers to browse and view just the clips that are of most interest to them.


This week, we'll publish these individual clips from day 1 at the show. Next week, we'll be back with individual clips from day 2.


We'll start with Gilmore discussing overall trends and themes he picked up during the first day of the show.


Gilmore on Day 1
NRF Themes and Trends



A software company called Manthan was making pretty bold claims about what its artificial intelligence applications could do for supply chain planning. It also featured analytics for executives that could be accessed from simmple verbal questions.


The computers are getting scarily smart.


Manthan with Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Planning


Next, a company called SES Imagotag was featuring an interesting solution that combines an imaging system to identify out-of-stocks on the shelf - a growing trend - with electronic shelf labels to understand the planogram and display messages to shoppers.


SES Imagotag Combines Vision System for OOS with Electronic Shelf Labels




A company called Datalogic, which seems to introduce something cool every show, featured a new imaging system that captures items placed on a sort of POS shelf through an imaging capability, identifying what a consumer wants to buy all at once. The facilitates a "scan and go" self-serve type of system.


Datalogic with a Multi-Item POS Imaging System to Enable Self-Serve Scan and Go



Another vendor that invariably has something new worth looking at is software company Softeon.


At NRF 2018, featured several new capabilities, including enhancements to its Distrbuted Order Management (DOM) and WMS solutions, along with an intriguing new tool that sort of fits in a white space beween planning and execution, or what I call execution planning, and Softeon calls Plan2Fulfill.


Softeon Solution Bridges Planning and Execiuton with Plan2Fulfill



(See More Below)




Apex Supply Chain Technologies offers a number of neat automated storage systems, including one I like a lot for managing mobile terminals and data collection in the DC.


At NRF, Apex showed a number of attractive locker system for ecommerce pick-up - and a new simulation tool that allows retailers to gain insight on the best configurations and placement of lockers in store.


An Array of Locker Systems for eCommerce
Pick-Up from Apex Supply Chain Technologies


Finally for this week, Digimark was back, and in addition to its technology to invisibly embed bar codes in a product's packaging to enable rapid scanning at POS, this featured using that same approach for cartons in distribution.


The bar codes would be printed literally on every inch of all sides of a carton, barely visible as little black dots. That printing - either a static SKU case code or a serialized carton ID - would be done at the box maker as part of other printing on the corrugate.


What's the advantage? Again rapid scanning without needing to find or orient the bar code, and virtual elimination of issues around damaged labels. Could be very useful for scanning from lift trucks or on automated convetor systems.



Digimarc Applies its Technlogy to Printing Bar Codes on Corugate Cartons




OK, that's it for our Day 1 NRF 2018 individual clips. We'll be back with Day 2 next week.

Any reaction to any of these new solutions from NRF? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback section below or the link above to send an email.


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