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Supply Chain News: Best New Solutions from NRF 2016 Day 2


Again this Year, We Break Out the Daily Videos into Individual Video Clips

Feb. 1, 2016
SCDigest Editorial Staff

Thousands of SCDigest subscribers have viewed our full video reviews of NRF 2015 Day 1 and Day 2, which featured a number of cool and interesting new solutions. SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore also wrote a Trip Report of the NRF show, largely focusing on the big picture of key trends and themes.

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A new division of eBay called SmartHub, which offers a very interestng benchmarking service for eFulfillment. It actually orders product from the top 300 etailers and then tracks some 80 different attributes.

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As we have done the last couple of years, this year we once again break out the cool new solutions we found and covered into individual videos, so readers can select to view just the brief solution summaries (generally 2-3 minutes) that are of interest to them.

We started that last week with a number of cool new solutions that we found on day 1 of the show (see Best New Solutions from NRF 2016 Day 1. This week, we do the same thing for new solutions we found on day 2.


Let's start with a new suite of retail planning applications from JDA Software, which is very cool on its and own and also illustrative of the major trend in the software sector towards Clond and mobile/apps.


New JDA Planning Suite Well Illustrates
Trends in Supply Chain Software



It's hard for managers at Oracle to get permission to talk on camera, so here Dan Gilmore summarizes a number of new enhancements to Oracle's supply chain planning and execution solutions.


Oracle Makes a Number of Enhancements to

Supply Chain Planning and Execution Solutions




Major consulting firm Infosys recently acquired a company called Pandaya, which offers a tool that it claims reduces the time and cost of upgrading SAP and Oracle ERP systems by as much as 70%. How? By somehow doing a comparison between what a company has and what it is moving to, and automatically identfying what should work and what will likely be broken, creating a clear plan and priority list.


Infosys Acquires Tool to Dramatically

Smooth ERP Upgrades



(See More Below)



Digimarc has created a unique technology that enables a bar code to be invisibly encoded into any image, whether that is a magazine picture or the packaging on a can of soup. That not only allows for very rapid scanning at point of sale, but now the company has partnered with standards organization GS1 in a plan to create a central repository of consumer product infromation that can be accessed by a smart phone.

Digimarc and GS1 Partner on New Consumer Product Information Data Repository



We ran into a new division of eBay called SmartHub, which offers a very interestng benchmarking service for eFulfillment. It actually orders product from the top 300 etailers and then tracks some 80 different attributes across the entire order lifecycle, including returns.

SmartHub Introduces Benchmarking Service for eFuflillment



Finally, a company called Impact Power Technologies makes batteries for mobile wireless devices common in manufacturing and distribution, and claims significant improvement in performance, both in terms of operating hours per charge and life of the battery over time. It cited several companies it said were saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from making the switch from OEM batteries.


Impact Power Technologies Says it Builds
Substantially Better Batteries for Data Collection Devices



Ok, that's it. Hope you enjoyed these.


Anything reaction to these solutions we found on Day 2? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback section below.


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