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SCDigest to Launch Second Retail-Vendor Survey in July

Research will Cover Collaboration, Barriers To Improved Supply Chain Efficiency, Vendor Compliance and More

June 29, 2017

Dan Gilmore


Supply Chain Digest

SCDigest will launch its second bi-annual survey on "The State of Retailer Vendor Supply Chain Relationships 2017," leading to a major benchmark report later in the year. We hope you will participate.

Supply Chain Digest Says...

Most retailers are managed by merchants, and many of them are leery of the chargeback process.


Greg Holder


Compliance Networks

The first survey and report, released in 2015, was based on detailed survey results from 50 retailers and more than 200 manufacturers. The results were not only presented in document form but summarized in an SCDigest on-line “Townhall Meeting” and then later in a keynote presentation at the Fall RVCF conference.

The survey this year, as in 2015, will cover a lot of ground, from collaboration to barriers to improved supply chain efficiency to vendor compliance and a lot more.

On that latter topic, after asking both retailers and manufacturers about the current state of chargebacks, we then also asked both sides of the relationship how they thought chargebacks would play out over the next five years, the results of which are shown in the graphic to the right.

As can be seen, 52% of vendors believed in 2016 that the level of chargebacks would grow over that period versus just 33% of retailers that saw things that way. Meanwhile, a solid 44% of retailers actually believed the level of chargebacks will decline over those 5 years, versus just 13% of vendors.


That clearly indicated two very different perspectives. SCDigest believes it was probably something like this: retailers believe a combination process improvement and the pain of the chargebacks would eventually lead vendors to reduce their compliance violations. Vendors, on the other hand, believe retailers will get more aggressive in this area, and find new ways to trigger deductions.

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What insights will the 2017 study produce? We'll know in a few months. It is really the only study of its kind, and produced very interesting an important results. We plan to include more questions about how the rise of ecommerce is impacting retailer-vendor relationships this time as well.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey if the invitation comes your way.

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