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October 14, 2009
This Week
Supply Chain Trends: Supply Chain "Game Changers"

RFID and Auto ID: RFID - Six Years Later


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supplySupply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Raj Soin College of Business
Wright State University

Featured Story

Supply Chain "Game Changers"

New Report from University of Tennessee Details 10 Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Thinking as Companies Revamp Strategies

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Intersection of Wall Street, Private Equity Continues to Increasingly Intersect with the Supply Chain

Supply Chain as the New Source of Capital? Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Need to Pay More Attention to Supply Chain

Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

US Manufacturing Sector Stronger than Most Think, New MAPI Report Says, but Challenges Remain

Rise of China Felt more by Others, though US Share of Exports has Dramatically Dropped; Are US Companies Burdened by Regulatory, Taxes and Other External Costs?

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Kraft Hopes to Save $300 Million through Supplier Rationalization

Number of Strategic Suppliers to be Cut in Half - to 35,000!

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Transportation Management Focus

Featured Story

Clorox Finds Savings through Transportation Analytics that Reduce "Leakage" from Carrier Contracts to Execution

43% of Lanes in Bid Optimization Programs Exceed Expected Costs, Research Says; Post-Bid Audits Shrink that Number Dramatically

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Despite Dramatic Decline in Volumes, Railroads Staying Profitable, Investing in Service and Speed

New Understanding of the Benefits of Velocity; More Variable Cost Structures

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Breakthrough Logistics Strategies Series

A Four-Part Series

Part 3: Supply Chain in the
Cloud - A User Perspective
on the Advantages of
Hosted Applications

November 10, 2009

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus

Featured Story

More of the Same from Annual 3PL Study - but Will the Recession Serve as an Inflection Point?

Relationships Still Largely Transactional, but Desire for Agility and Lower Fixed Costs May Finally Change Status Quo

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Most Effective Use of Task Interleaving May Require Rethinking Product Flows

Food Company Changes Dock Door Arrangement to Results from Linking Tasks; How Many Task Types Should You Include in the Pool?

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RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

RFID - Six Years Later

It is the six-year anniversary of the launch of EPCglobal and tremendous excitement about the use of RFID.  Since then, some disappointment - but is a brighter future around the corner?

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Understanding UHF Tag Performance

Read Range Requirements, Application Scenario, Regulatory Requirements and Surfaces to be Tagged are Key, European Test Center Says;"On-Metal" Performance has Increased Rapidly

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Next Generation Supply Chains: Eliminate Operator Scanning to Optimize Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations

November 5, 2009


Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

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Featured Story

Think Best in Market, Not World Class, in Developing Markets, Walmart's Gary Maxwell Says

Culture, Talent, Infrastructure and more Should All Impact Supply Chain Design; Some Competitors Over-Automating?

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Furor over Decision to Hit China Hard on Tire Tariffs, as Fears of Renewed Protectionism Rise

Now Looking at Paper, Glass, Steel, Cement, Union President Says after Tire Success


How Enterprises Gain
from Global Trade Management:

A New Process Model
for the China to U.S.
Trade Lane

October 21, 2009

Green Supply Chain Focus - from TheGreenSupplyChain.com (an SCDigest Web Site)
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Featured Story

Technology Keeps Unlocking More Natural Gas, Dramatically Increasing Reserves – and Affecting the Geo-Political Environment

Natural Gas has a Bright Future – but will Environmentalists Fight It?

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Will Walmart Green Product Labeling Create New Scarlet Letter?

Consumers will Generally Buy the Cheapest Product, but will Peer Pressure at Check-Out Force Green Habits?


Network Design &
Planning for  End-to-End
Supply Chain Optimization



Sourcing and Procurement Focus

Category Sponsor:  SCTV

Featured Story

Will Industry Now See "Collaborative Purchasing?"

Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch Sign Deal to Purchasing Many MRO Items - and Even Technology and Logistics Services; Can it Work?

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Investment in Procurement Technology Continues, Recession or Not, Forrester Report Finds

The Nine Categories of E-Purchasing Tools; Supplier Web Portals becoming Obsolete?


Operational Excellence with Smart Planning

and Scheduling

A Four-Part Series

Part 1: Improve Operational Efficiency and Service Level with Factory Planning and Scheduling

October 14, 2009

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