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November 4, 2008
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supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
Category Sponsor: Raj Soin College of Business - Wright State University

Featured Story

Art Mesher Says Next Supply Chain Challenge in "Managing Resources in Motion"

CSCMP Distinguished Service Award Winner Sees Bright Future for the Supply Chain; Becoming a Learning Organization

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Annual Trends in Logistics and Transportation Study Finds Visibility Key to SCM Performance

Is Visibility Technology or a Culture? Differences in Green SCM Drivers in North America Versus the Rest of World

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

Should RFID Market Size Estimates Mean Anything to End Users?

Why the Numbers are So Different from Study to Study

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Is GE's New RFID-Based Sensor Technology a "Game Changer?"

Battery-Free Sensors Potentially Open Up a Wide Range of New Applications, but will not be Commercially Available for at Least Two Years

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

Featured Story

Was Ocean Shipping the Biggest Bubble of them All?

One Analysis says Yes, as Baltic Dry Index has Fallen by an Astounding 90% from its Peak

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Rescuing Dwindling Offshore Savings with Supplier Relationship Management 2.0

Lack of Clarity in Roles and Organizational Structure Whittles Away Initial Savings Over Time; Defining the Offshore Team

Warehouse Distribution

Learn How to Optimize Your
Warehouse Workforce with
Voice-Based Material Handling

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus

Honing Experience in Emerging Markets; Europeans Sue to Prevent Knock-Offs from Reaching Market

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FedEx's Fred Smith Agrees US Needs to Return to a "Product Economy"

Tax Policies are Unfair to Asset-Heavy Businesses, He Says; Would have Bought More "Triple Sevens"

transportation Transportation Management Focus

Featured Story

What are the Top Transportation Issues for Next Administration?

Industry Analyst Ed Wolfe Lists His Top 10; Re-Regulation for the Railroads?

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Shippers Should Avoid Over Optimism While Seeing Plummeting Oil Prices

Falling Prices May in Fact Sow Seeds for Even Higher Prices Later; Back to July Levels in Less than Two Years?

Zebra's Enterprise Connector
A Faster, More
Affordable Way to Print Labels
from Your ERP System

Streamline the Printing Process
while Lowering Middleware Costs

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus

Optimizing Your Warehouse

Strategies Behind Efficiencies
Within Warehouse Operations

Featured Story

With Dropping Commodity Prices and Demand, Now is Time to be Savvy with Vendor Negotiations

"Cost Drivers have Changed," Says One Procurement Director, but New Contracts May Yet Reflect the Market Changes

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"Pay-to-Play" Atmosphere for Suppliers at Annual CVS Caremark Golf Outing Raises Questions

Intentions May be Good, but Suppliers Can Buy Access; the Exception to the Rules

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
Featured Story

Should You Use “Integrated Logistics Services” from a 3PL?

Annual 3PL Study Has Integrated Logistics as Key Theme, Says Majority of Companies Prefer this Approach over Single Services; Avoiding Dependency

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Annual 3PL Study Again Finds Plans for Increased Outsourcing not Being Realized

Is Dissatisfaction with 3PL IT a Key Factor? Overall 3PL Satisfaction Levels Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Increase Effectiveness
in the Supply Chain using
RFID Technologies

Improving Data Quality and
Productivity with Mobile
Data Systems

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