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August 18, 2021Supply Chain News: Ohio Manufacturer Takes Risk, Hikes Worker Pay
Results thus Far are Mixed
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
June 24, 2021State of the Logistics Union 2021
Logistics Costs as Percent of GDP Fall to 7.4%
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain studies
June 02, 2021Supply Chain News: Research Sheds Doubt on US Labor Shortage Situation
New Analysis from the Economic Policy Institute Says Wages should be Rising
  Topics : Economic News | Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
March 09, 2021Global Supply Chain News: New York Times on Global Shipping Chaos
Soaring Demand, Containers in the Wrong Place, COVID19 Labor Impacts and More
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply chain costs | Transportation
March 03, 2021Supply Chain News: US Purchasing Managers Index Spikes in February, Good News but Stoking Inflation Fears
Supply Chain Managers May have to Dust Off Old Playbooks for Rising Prices
  Topics : Economic News | Supply chain costs
February 10, 2021Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Cost of Imported Apparel Fell Sharply in 2020
Prices for China Imports Fell 20%, as Demand Dried Up in Stay at Home Economy
  Topics : China | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Global sourcing | Retail industry supply chain | Supply chain costs
February 04, 2021Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Is Manufacturing Inflation Coming Back?
With Memories of Inflation almost Gone, Prices are Jumping for Manufacturing Inputs
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain
December 09, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Supply Chain Cost Reduction vs Optimization
There is a Difference, Gartner Analyst Says, with Cost Optimization taking a Longer View
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain
November 29, 2020Large Companies Increasingly moving Supply Chain Processes to Global Business Services Organizations
Many Efficiencies Possible, New Report from The Hackett Group Says
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply chain excellence | Supply chain strategy
November 04, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Simple Formula for Supply Chain Cost Optimization
Cash Flow, Network Redesign, and Growth-Focused Investments
  Topics : Supply chain costs

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