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February 20, 2014On-Demand Videocast: Supply Chain Visibility at HP
Outstanding videocast on the journey of electronics giant HP towards real time visibility and supplier collaboration, in the Cloud, all part of the HP plan to not only reduce costs but get closer to its customers. Featuring Pervinder Johar, head of global supply chain IT at the company.
  Topics : Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply chain visibility
December 05, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Supply Chain Planning Benchmark Report 2013-14
Highlights from our new benchmark study on practices and trends in supply chain planning. Based on surveys from 400 professionals.
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
December 04, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Ford's New Approach to Supplier Risk Management
Outstanding Videocast on Ford's New Approach to Supplier Risk Management, using the Risk Exposure Index from Dr. David Simchi-Levi. Featuring Michael Sanders of Ford.
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Supply chain risk | Supply chain thought leadership
November 13, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Impact of Vendor Performance on Retail Inventories
Outstanding Videocast that Explores the Impact of Vendor Performance in Terms of Lead Times, Fill Rates and Other Metrics on Retail Inventories and Out-of-Stocks.
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Inventory management | Retail industry supply chain | Supplier relationship management
September 24, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Crate and Barrel's Holistic Supply Chain and the Role of Supply Chain Visibility
Creating Global Supply Chain Excellence. Featuring Virginia Thompson, Senior Director of Import/Export at Crate and Barrel and Stephanie Miles, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain | Logistics | Supply chain visibility
July 16, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Building S&OP Shock Absorbers for your Business
Increasing S&OP Speed, Visibility and Control for Improved Decision-Making. Featuring Lisa Aleman, Director, Sales and Operations Planning and Control at Radisys.
  Topics : Sales and Operarions Planning (S&OP)
June 11, 2013On Demand Videocast: What is The State of JDA eight?
An Integrated Suite of More than 30 Supply Chain Planning and Execution Solutions, All Delivered in the Cloud. JDA Says it is an Industry "Game Changer." Is that Right? SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore Interviews a JDA Exec and Execs from HEB and Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated to Get the Answers. Featuring Danny Halim, Vice President, Manufacturing Industry Strategy at JDA, Charles Devenney, Director, Supply Chain Planning, Coca-Cola.
  Topics : Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Supply Chain Integration | Supply Chain Planning software
May 21, 2013On Demand Videocast: The 13 Keys to Retail Vendor Performance Management Success
Realizing the Potential to Improve Fill Rates, Lead Times and Accuracy and Power the Bottom Line. Featuring Camille Fratanduono, Assistant Vice President, Pricing, Inventory Planning and Analysis at Pep Boys, and Greg Holder, CEO of Compliance Networks.
  Topics : Inventory management | Retail industry supply chain
April 30, 2013On Demand Videocast: End-to-End Optimization Reveals Supply Chain Drivers
Quantify Inventory Opportunities for Better Results. Featuring David Simchi-Levi, Chairman of Ops Rules and Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT and Laszlo Molnar, Sr. Director, Supply Chain at PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours.
  Topics : Inventory optimization
April 24, 2013On Demand Videocast: Getting Really Good at Global Transportation
Achieving True End-to-End Capabilities. Featuring Fab Brasca, Vice President, Global Logistics at JDA Software Group.
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Transportation

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