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You're accessing our list of tools, such as spreadsheets, calculators, sample RFPs and more, on Supply Chain Management and Logistics topics, to help you save time and make better decisions, sorted in reverse date order
October 16, 2014On-Demand versus Traditional License Cost Calculator 2014
This Excel Spreadsheet allows users to enter costs in multiple categories over 5 years across traditionally priced and subscription based software and compare the present value of those costs. Excellent tool!
  Topics : On Demand Software | Supply chain software | Vendor selection
November 07, 2013Supply Chain Strategy Self-Assessment Tool
Simple spreadsheet with 12 questions to help you assess your position on supply chain strategy development. From Supply Chain Transformation by Dr. Paul Dittmann of the University of Tennessee
  Topics : Supply chain strategy
June 18, 2013SCDigest WMS Modification ROI Calculator
New spreadsheet tool from Supply Chain Digest enables users to compare costs and benefits and ROI from potential modificiations to Warehouse Management Systems,
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Total cost of ownership (TCO) | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
August 01, 2012Logistics News: SCDigest, Warehouse Education and Research Council, Announce New Distribution Center Complexity Calculator
Tool is Best of Its Kind to Help Companies Consider their Level of Complexity and Potential Need for Technology Support
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Warehouse design | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
December 16, 2010Parcel Shipping Rate Impact Analyzer 2011
A free tool that enables a company to analyze how 2011 rate changes for UPS, FedEx and other express carriers will likely impact their shipping costs. Useful for developing a negotiations strategy, setting budgets, etc. Not to be missed for parcel shippers. Excel file inside a zip file - 2 mb download.
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
August 11, 2010Warehouse Management (WMS) Resources and Information Page
Articles, video, white papers, reports, supply chain solutions, expert commentary -- you will find it all here for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Supply chain software | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
May 11, 2010On-Demand Versus Traditionally Deployed Supply Chain Software Calculator
SCDigest's excel-based calculator for comparing the costs of on-demand versus traditionally deployed supply chain software. An excellent tool.
  Topics : Supply chain software
October 01, 2007SCDigest Best Practices ECA Template
Example Electronic Commerce Agreement, which can be used to reduce risk and meet legal requires for e-procurement relationships.
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
March 28, 2007How to Select the Right Consultant for Supply Chain Network Planning Projects
You will almost certainly use a consultant for Supply Chain Network Optimization projects; here's our guide to picking the right one for your needs
  Topics : Benchmarking | Benchmarking | Project management | Project management | Consulting/consultants | Network design/optimization
March 10, 2007TMS (Transportation Management Systems) Resource Page
Excellent Transportation Management System (TMS) related resources, including our SCDigest Letter on TMS detailing latest trends, technology developments and more, cases tudies, expert insight, on-demand cost calculator and more
  Topics : Supply chain strategy | Transportation Management Systems | Transportation | Vendor selection

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