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November 19, 2008Reader Question: Prepaid DHL Envelopes
Is There a Reimbursement Program for DHL Pre-paid Overnight Envelopes, given their pull-out from US market?
  Topics : Supply Chain By the Numbers | Parcel shipping/parcel systems
October 17, 2008Reader Question: Task Interleaving in WMS
Your article on task interleaving in a distribution center was excellent, but I have a follow up question. Which is mathematic algorithm that a WMS uses to do this optimization?
  Topics : Distribution | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
August 21, 2008Reader Question: Can you Provide Additional Info on the Benchmark Numbers in the July 2008 SCDigest Letter?
In your July 2008 edition of The Supply Chain Digest Letter on page 5, there is an article entitled Inventory Levels - Selected Industries. I found these benchmark numbers to be very insightful. Can you provide me with some additional information on these figures? Are they for all inventory or only finished goods? How big was the data source that was used to compile the data?
  Topics : Inventory optimization
August 21, 2008Reader Question: Should Receiving be Counted as a Product Touch?
In counting the number of times material handling touches a part, I have always counted receiving as one of those touches even though receiving is not technically moving material from one point to another - Is this correct or does receiving fall under a different umbrella? If it is not correct, then why?
  Topics : Material handling automation
April 07, 2008Supply Chain Expert Profile: Kate Vitasek
Supply Chain Expert Profile for Kate Vitasek
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts
October 04, 2007Reader Question: Is there a True Global RFID Standard?
Is there a true global RFID standard? Is UPC Gen 2 a global standard?
  Topics : RFID
October 04, 2007Reader Question: Can Bucket Brigades Work with Mechanized Order Picking?
Can the "Bucket Brigades" approach work in a mechanized order picking environment (e.g., conveyor belts and pick-to-voice technology)?
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking
August 23, 2007Reader Question: Why Isn't Port Congestion at U.S. Ports an Issue Any More?
Why does congestion at US ports suddenly not seem to be an issue any more? What changed? Is this a temporary or longer term scenario?
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers
August 22, 2007Reader Question: What Kind of Savings Do Companies See When They Implement EDI Transactions With Their Suppliers and CMs?
What kind of savings do companies see when they implement EDI transactions with their suppliers and contract manufacturers, e.g., 850 PO, 855 POA, 856 ASN, 214 Transportation/Carrier status, 852/830/867? What about the use of supplier portals?
  Topics : ecommerce | Global supply chain | Supply chain strategy
August 15, 2007Reader Question: Why Should Incentives Be Installed After the LMS is Installed and Implemented?
You made a comment after describing the three components (Methods, Standards and Software) that a company should install incentives after the LMS is installed and implemented. What is the reason for this? And could you implement a gainsharing program and then implement the LMS?
  Topics : Labor Management Systems

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