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June 20, 2016Coming Soon: Supplier Integration in an Outsourced World Benchmark Report
Report will be coming soon at this link
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
May 23, 2016White Paper: The Future is Now
This white paper explores advancements in digitization, which have essentially redefined the shopping experience altering the relationship between businesses and consumers. Provided by JDA.
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply Chain Innovation
May 10, 2016White Paper: Going Beyond EDI to Enable B2B Commerce
This whitepaper discusses some examples of B2B communication issues and how disparate B2B communication methods affect business. It will help you navigate the changing landscape of electronic data exchange to enable successful communications. Provided by EnVista.
  Topics : ecommerce | Supply Chain studies | Supply chain thought leadership
April 26, 2016eBook: 42 Principles of Forecasting
This eBook discusses lessons learned which include routine principles, as well as, ground-breaking insights and an introduction to the economic impact of forecast error. Provided by Demand Solutions.
  Topics : Forecasting
March 08, 2016The Seven Key Benefits of Distributed Order Management in Retail
Outstanding News White Paper that Details the Benefits and Use Cases for Distributed Order Management in Retail and Consumer Goods Industries
  Topics : e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Order management | Retail industry supply chain
January 27, 20162016 Retailer-Vendor Relationship Benchmark Study
Outstanding New Report Benchmarking the State of the Relationships Between Retailers and Vendors. Are Things Becoming More Inegrated and Collaborative - or Heading in the Other Direction?
  Topics : Collaboration | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain studies | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
December 14, 2015White Paper: WMS in the Cloud is Ready for Prime Time
Warehouse Management Systems were Late to the Cloud Party, but Innovative New Solutions and Growing Number of Proof Points Mean WMS Cloud is Truly Ready for Prime Time
  Topics : Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
December 09, 2015Trends and Opportunities in Global Sourcing and Trade Management 2016 : A Benchmark Study
Outstanding new Report from Supply Chain Digest, Based on a Major Survey of 200 Global Supply Chain Managers
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends
December 01, 2015eBook: Order-to-Cash + Procedure-to-Pay
This eBook discusses the growing importance for mid-market companies to integrate both functions for a more powerful and responsive supply chain. Provided by TAKE Supply Chain.
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Supply Chain Integration
July 23, 2015SCDigest Benchmark Report: Supply Chain Analytics and Business Intelligence
New SCDigest Global Benchmark Study on Supply Chain Data Analytics and Business Intelligence; Excellent Insight into These Hot Topics
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply Chain studies

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