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March 27, 2018White Paper: Three Checklists to Build a Successful Supply Chain Analytics Foundation
Supply Chain Analytics are becoming Critical for Success: Here is How to Get Started
  Topics : Supply Chain Analytics and Big Data | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
March 14, 2018eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook
This eBook Discusses using Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization to Achieve Measurable Operational Improvements. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Inventory optimization
February 27, 2018White Paper: Three Paths To Picking Productivity With Voice And Mobile Work Execution
This paper looks at how different approaches to implementing voice affect the magnitude of productivity gains. Use the guidelines in this paper to estimate the potential results in your DC.
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics | Order picking | Voice Systems
February 01, 2018SCDigest's Benchmark Study on the State of Retail-Vendor Supply Chain Relationships
Second Biannual Study Shows Mixed Picture on Collaboration, Chargebacks, and More
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain studies
January 09, 2018eBook: Digitization Creates a Strong Value Chain
This eBook discusses the emergence of supply chain agility as the dominant vehicle for organizations operating in uncertain and ever-changing business enviroments. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Agile supply chain
December 01, 2017White Paper: Making Lemonade in the Age of Trade Restrictions
This white paper discusses the importance of understanding some of the quirkier import and export anomalies, which can save time and headaches from denied shipments and surprise tariffs. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Supply chain strategy
November 01, 2017eBook: Why Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration is More Important Now
This eBook Discusses the 5 Key Reasons Why Manufacturers Need Multi-Tier Connectivity. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Collaboration | Supply chain thought leadership
October 09, 2017eBook: The Digital Global Supply Chain
This ebook discusses how digitization enables real transformation through collaboration, automation and analytics. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain
July 31, 2017Windows Mobile Sunset:Implications For Distribution Centers
Literally Millions of Devices will be Impacted - What Should Companies Do Now?
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | Distribution
July 18, 2017White Paper: Warehouse Mobility Beyond Voice and RF
Smartglasses and Augmented Reality promise to transform mobile applications in the DC. Read this new white paper to understand the financial and technological trends driving this transformation.
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | Distribution | Order picking

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