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February 04, 2015Pre-Registration for Voice Systems for Logistics Official Buyers Gude for 2015
You will be emailed a copy when the Guide is published
  Topics : Buyers_Guides15 | Distribution | Order picking
February 04, 2015Pre-Registration for Global Trade Management Buyers Guide 2015
You will be emailed a copy when the Guide is published
  Topics : Buyers_Guides15
February 03, 2015Pre-Register for the 2015 WMS Official Buyers Guide
We'll email you a copy as soon as the Guide is released in a couple of months
  Topics : Fun stuff
January 28, 2015White Paper: Aberdeen Group Report: Domestic vs. International Supply Chain Performance & Investment Disparity
This whitepaper discusses global supply chains, which are much more complex than their domestic counterparts. In fact, a 1% improvement in international supply chain efficiency will yield a much greater return than investment in the domestic supply chain. Download this Aberdeen Group report, courtesy of Amber Road, to learn about the significant gap between global leaders and laggards, and key automation strategies that can save you over $17M annually.
  Topics : Global supply chain
January 19, 2015The 13 Keys to Retail Vendor Compliance Program Success
Success of retail vendor compliance programs vary signficantly - here is SCDigest's guide to success.
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain
October 30, 2014Best Practices for Traceability in Manufacturing: Why You Need Real-time Track and Trace Solutions Now - ebook
This white paper discusses how traceability technologies and processes ensure product quality standards are met and give real-time information about production and equipment. Provided by Barcoding Inc., Motorola Solutions and Zebra Technologies.
  Topics : Electronic Product Code/EPC
October 14, 2014White Paper: Supply Chain Centers of Excellence: The Quest for Next Practices
This white paper looks at common challenges that E2open customers and other global brands have faced in launching and sustaining COE initiatives, the foundational role of technology in enabling collaboration and cross-functional alignment, and the best practices that E2open has developed with its customers to drive supply chain COE success. Provided by E2open.
  Topics : Supply chain thought leadership
September 24, 2014White Paper: Strengthen Mid-Market Supply Chain Performance with the Right Tools, Talent and Processes
This white paper discusses the importance of recruiting, retaining and developing the right talent in your mid-market company. In addition, the right tools and processes to support that talent are essential to achieving the best performance from supply chain operations. Provided by TAKE Supply Chain.
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation
August 07, 2014eBook: Avoiding Hidden Margin Erosion in Mid-Market Supply Chain Operations
This ebook explores hidden areas of supply chain operations that can eat into a mid-market company's net margins. Combining complex supply chain operations and availability of more accesssible/affordable technology can assist with exploring these areas as a means to maximize margins. Provided by TAKE.
  Topics : Supply chain finance
May 06, 2014Report: User's Perspective on Distribution Technologies 2014
New Report from SCDigest, based on a survey of more than 150 users, comparing user perspectives and benefits across six different DC technology categories.
  Topics : Data collection/AIDC | Distribution | Logistics | Supply Chain studies

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