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December 04, 2018White Paper: Advanced Sales and Operating Planning Capabilities Checklist
This White Paper Discusses a Capabilities Checklist Which Covers Some of the Key Features to Look for in an Advanced S&OP Platform. Provided by Logiility.
  Topics : Sales and Operarions Planning (S&OP)
October 17, 2018White Paper: Top Three Reasons to Embrace an Integrated Business Planning Process
This White Paper Discusses how the IBP Process Helps Extended Management Teams Align and Sychronize Planning Processes. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Integrated logistics | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain thought leadership
October 15, 2018A CFO's Guide to Transforming the Global Supply Chain
This Guide Discusses how Digitizing the Supply Chain Provides Efficiency, Reduces Risk and Increases Agility. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain
August 14, 2018White Paper: 6 Keys to Exceeding Expectations with Inventory Optimization Initiatives
This White Paper Discusses the Crucial Factors you Must get Right to Ensure Inventory Optimization Projects Deliver Outstanding Results. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Inventory optimization
July 09, 2018eBook: Creating the Global Supply Chain Control Tower
This eBook Discusses how Control Tower Digitization Creates True Visibility, Improves Efficiency, Mitigates Risk, and Increases Agility. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain
June 04, 2018New Report: WMS in the Cloud is Ready for Prime Time 2018
Lessons Learned, as Number of Cloud WMS Deployments Accelerate.
  Topics : Warehouse Mananagement Systems
May 23, 2018White Paper: Eight Methods that Improve Forecasting Accuracy
This White Paper Discusses Forecasting Best Practices for Varying Supply Chain Scenarios. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Forecasting
April 11, 2018Report: Demand Segmentation Users are Better Equipped to Manage Their Channel Challenges
This report discussed the examines the adoption of demand segmentation and its benefits in tackling demand volatility and channel shifts. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Demand planning/management
April 05, 2018White Paper: Blockchain for Supply Chain - Ghost in the Machine or Breakthrough Technology?
The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate the myriad ways in which the open-source software known as "blockchain" can be applied to international trade. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Supply chain and the IT function/technology
March 30, 2018Advance Shipping Notification and Inventory Integrity Report
Essential Findings of the 2017 Study
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain studies

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