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February 20, 2019Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Changing Robot Cost Dynamics
With Labor Costs Rising and Robot Costs Falling, Adoption in Supply Chain Likely to be Substantial
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends
February 19, 2019EOQ Model and the Hidden Costs of Fixed Costs
Hidden Fixed Costs may be Hurting the Productivity of you or Your Team
  Topics : Supply chain costs
September 18, 2018Resilience and Sustainability - An Inextricable Pair
The Goal of the Resilience/Sustainability Journey is Inviting Open Exploration of new Ideas and Working Through Them Together
  Topics : Supply chain costs
September 13, 2018The Labor (Day) Supply Chain 2018 - The Movie
A 360 Degres View of Labor in the Supply Chain
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends
September 13, 2018Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: No Wonder You Can't Find Shop Floor or DC Workers
In an Inversion, Number of Job Openings Exceeds the Number of Unemployed
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends
September 13, 2018Supply Chain: Cost Center or Margin Contributor?
A Look at the Past, Present, Future and Opportunity
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply chain thought leadership
July 17, 2018Supply Chain News: New US Tariffs will Hit Many US Manufacturers Hard because of Focus on Intermediate Goods
Surprisingly Few Tariffs on Imports of Consumer Goods from China
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
March 06, 2018Supply Chain News: "Tariff-ying" Developments in Global Trade, as US Poised to Levy Duties on Imported Steel and Aluminum
Amid Tariff Furor, SCDigest Looks at Current State of US Metals Production, Jobs
  Topics : Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply Chain and Government | Supply chain costs
February 28, 2018Supply Chain News: How Do Manufacturing Wages Vary across the US?
With a Few Exceptions, Wages Generally Low, in a Tight Band across Metro Areas
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
November 30, 2017Supply Chain Comment: The End of the Fossil Fuel Era?
Now It's Not Peak Oil, but Peak Demand, as Electric Cars and Trucks May Soon Dominate
  Topics : Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Trends | Transportation

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