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Supply Chain News: What Warehouse Workers Value Continues to Evolve


Annual ProLogistix Survey Finds Pay still Top Issue in Period of Inflation, but Work Flexibility is Gaining Ground

July 13, 2022


SCDigest Editorial Staff

Warehouse staffing firm ProLogistix is fresh out with its annual Voice of the Blue Collar Worker survey and report, and it is very interesting as usual.

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Men prefer more intense bursts of work (10 or 12-hour shifts) than women (who like the standard five-day, eight-hour working week).

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SCDigest will do a more detailed review of the 2022 report soon, but here we’ll cover some highlights on a ProLogistix blog on the subject.

The big news: the survey found that for the first time, most warehouse workers cite scheduling flexibilty as the biggest reason to stay in their job. It's the top factor for retention and the second most important factor (tied with job security) for candidates on the hunt for work.

“Flexible shifts have been influencing the logistics space for a while, just like similar expectations in other disciplines,” ProLogistix writes, adding that “However, you may not realize the true value workers find in freer, more personal shift patterns.”

The report is based on a survey of more than 19,000 workers, so it has a lot of validity.

In a period when there is something of a crisis in the warehouse labor market, to no surprise wages remain the largest variable for warehouse employees. 39% of people in this year’s survey listed it as the most important factor benefit that attracts them to a new job.

The report notes this is likely doubly so given rampant price inflation in the US for months, reducing the standard of living for warehouse workers.

That said, flexible shifts actually trump wages relative to what is most likely to encourage people to stay the job.

The survey found 21% of respondents say they are motivated by flexibility more than anything else.

“If you can give workers the option of taking first, second, third or weekend shifts – based on discussions you have together – they're likely to remain at your side,” the blog notes.


The report also says that ProLogistix recommends a full survey of all warehouse workers, which can help create a list of priorities for certain shifts and peak seasons.

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“Learn which employees prefer late starts, for instance, versus those who have to be back home in time for childcare,” the blog recommends. “Reward the minority who like weekend work – give them a monthly bonus, discounts or extra holidays. Then make shift patterns an essential part of one-to-one reviews.”

The report also found that there is a slight gender split. Men prefer more intense bursts of work (10 or 12-hour shifts) than women (who like the standard five-day, eight-hour working week). Women are also more likely to value a flexible schedule.

More on this interesting data soon, but you for now find the full report here.

Do you have any reaction to the report findings and recommendations? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback button below (email) or in the Feedback section.




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