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Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Battery Electric Truck Conundum



Heavier Batteries to Increase Range Reduce Freight Truck can Carry

Jan. 5, 2023



Did you know there is something called the "Battery Electric a (BEV) Truck Conundrum?"


Well neither did we, until seeing the term in an excellent new report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) on infrstruture issues related to adoption of electric passenger vehicles and freight trucks in the US.


As shown in the graphic below, the conundrum is that to get more range, trucks require larger, heavier batteries. But those heavier batteries also cost a lot more, and reduce the weight of the cargo a truck can legally carry.


The result: higher cost per pound to move freight.



Source: ATRI


Until breakthroughs in battery technology, this conundum is likely to reduce demand, the report says.



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