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Supply Chain News: Tips for Improving Distribution Center Staff Morale


Little or No Cost Ideas from Prologistix Can Help Improve the DC Environment

July 22, 2020
SCDigest Editorial Staff

Every company is interested in improving distribution center performance.

Of course, currently, all the focus seems to be on technology, especially robotics of all kind.

Supply Chain Digest Says...

It's often said that the best ways to ensure a business can both attract and retain talent is with strong pay - but that's not the only way.

What do you say?

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Howver, technology improvement can involve significant investment – and often a long time before seeing the benefis from those expenditures.

Distribution managers should also look for simpler, low cost opportunities to drive performance gains.

One place to look is in improving morale. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce.

On a recent blog post, Prologistix, a warehouse staffing firm, offered series of practices that can boost staff morale in the DC at little or no cost.

The list of do's and don't's are summarized below:

Do: Highlight great performance

Perhaps the best way to show workers they're appreciated from the top down. When managers highlight and even reward top-notch work - such as with public recognition or small rewards (even non-monetary ones) and the like - that doesn't just help reinforce satisfaction among those workers. It also gives their colleagues something to strive for so that they can earn similar recognition.

Don't: Work them too hard for too long

Whether it's a single day without many breaks or a long stretch during which employees don't take any time away from the job, when workers feel tethered to their roles, they are less likely to be happy at work. For that reason, encourage workers to take full advantage of their break or lunch periods, and also push them to take at least a few days off every few months so that they are never feeling overly drained in their day-to-day work.

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Do: Encourage a stronger community

It just stands to reason that when your employees all mostly like each other and get along, they are more likely to work harder to ensure everyone is meeting their goals on an ongoing basis. Consequently, it's wise to conduct team-building exercises and hold events that allow all your employees to come together not as coworkers, but as friends. Something as simple as a few annual events could help ensure everyone maintains strong ties.

Don't: Assume you know everything

One of the biggest sources of worker frustration in many situations is when they don't feel like the boss is listening to them, or is giving instructions that don't make much sense. Managers should be responsive to when workers say there may be certain issues with the tasks they've been given, because these are people who work all day every day at their specific jobs, and they may just know better what's feasible.

Do: Think outside the box for compensation

It's often said that the best ways to ensure a business can both attract and retain talent is with strong pay - but that's not the only way. In fact, nearly 90% of respondents to the company's poll said that they would consider receiving a little more time off to be equivalent to getting a raise. For that reason, if you can couple smaller occasional pay increases with more flexibility about scheduling or time off, you may be able to foster stronger employee morale.

Some good ideas for sure. Are these practices in place at your company?

What do you think of these ideas on improving morale? Any ideas to add? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback section below.




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