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April  7, 2023

Easter Fun - Recent Supply Chain Caption Contest Winners


Have a Good Laugh as we Cruise into a Holiday Weekend for Many 


It's the Easter weekend, with many taking Friday off.

So as I do periodically, I am going to feature a few of our receny Supply Chain cartoon caption contest winners to give everyone a few laughs to enjoy.

Gilmore Says....

Hope you enjoyed, and happy Easter to all regardless of your pursuasion.

What do you say?

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Let's start with this winner for our annual Santa-themed cartoon at the end of 2022 from Raymond Gingo of
Solon, OH, with this great caption:



Earlier in 2022, Steve Lavender of The Ohio State University gave us this winning caption for another contest:



Keeping it short and sweet, we end with this caption winner from Stan Mertz of
Riverside, CA in a contest in early 2022:



Hope you enjoyed, and happy Easter to all regardless of your pursuasion.

What is your reaction to caption winners? Let us know your thought at the Feedback section below.

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