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Cliff Holste is Supply Chain Digest's Material Handling Editor. With more than 30 years experience in designing and implementing material handling and order picking systems in distribution, Holste has worked with dozens of large and smaller companies to improve distribution performance.

April 4, 2018

Sorting It Out: Good Business Security is All About Paying Attention to Details

It Should be Understood by now That Security is Everyone's Responsibility


Throughout history security has been a major concern. However, most people feel that security is a bigger problem today. But in reality that’s probably due to the media’s quick, intense and repetitive 24 hour coverage of “breaking news” events on a national and global scale. Most of us carry smart-phones that keep us informed in real-time of news worthy events. The result is a constant drumbeat of news coverage.

The paranoia and fear in our nation today may be creating more security nightmares than are necessary. A good example is the concealed carry permits currently being issued in approximately 30 states throughout the country. Kinda reminiscent of the old “wild west” days when having a 6-shooter on your hip was considered normal. I doubt that people felt safe then either.

Holste Says...

One crucial point to be made about business security, it is that there must be a comprehensive layered security plan that protects the facility, its access roads, entry checkpoints and internal operations.

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Security, whether you think it’s too much or not enough, is front and center on everyone’s mind these days. If there’s one crucial point to be made about business security, it is that there must be a comprehensive layered security plan that protects the facility, its access roads, entry checkpoints and internal operations. Equally important is that management must come to terms with the human factor – the inescapable fact that security breaches are carried out by people who can be found and stopped by an effective security methodology. For example, there must be more than one password that opens all doors, and background checks must be done on all new hires.

A comprehensive layered security plan may include hidden cameras, metal detectors, walk through X-Ray scanners, fingerprint readers, and many other technologies that are specifically designed to keep facilities safe and secure. However, management must keep in mind that these methods can be intrusive and abused, and maybe going a bit too far (especially for a small private company) in the name of security. Therefore, employees need to know what the security policies are.


Employees, in order to be productive, need to feel safe and secure at work. Owners and managers need to be realistic about what security measures will and will not do. Installing security systems won’t remove all risk. No system can. Police officers located in a neighborhood won’t stop all crime. A firewall won’t prevent all computer viruses from getting in. However, security systems can help investigate breaches and resolve them.


Final Thoughts


Security is important and should not be taken lightly. Business owners should not be passive about the problem and consumers should not be burdened with paying the tab.

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