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May 19, 2009
This Week
Global Supply Chain and Logistics: What's Going to Happen to "The China Price?"

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Featured Story

Recessions Bring Pain - but also Opportunity to Gain Important Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain Performance

NASCAR Yellow Flag Makes Good Analogy, Dr. Langley Says; Lessons from 1990-91

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What will be the "New Normal?"

McKinsey Managing Director on how the Business World will be Different; What will be the Impact on Supply Chains

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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CDC Supply Chain

Featured Story

Warehouse Management Systems Continue to Expand Role in Logistics

Beyond the Distribution Center, WMS Finding Footing in Manufacturing, Retail Stores, Micro "Warehouses"

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Cross Docking for Manufacturers, Part 2

Interest in Cross Docking is Strong, but Operational and Technology Barriers Exist

transportation Transportation Management Focus
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Featured Story

Quarterly Wolfe Research Shippers Survey Delivers more Bad News for Carriers - but Some Signs of Hope

Rate Environment Slows Move to Rail and Intermodal; Spot Market TL Rates Often Well Below Contracts

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Race to Bottom, as Huge Drops in Shipper Demand Parallel Equal or Greater Losses in Carrier Capacity

Bank Actions Could Take an Even Greater Slice Out of Carrier Market; Big Problems as Economy Recovers?

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

Will RFID Software be the Driver of the Market and User Adoption?

Like Bar Code before it, Hardware Focus Fades; More Software Needed that Takes Real Advantage of RFID-based Process Innovation?

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RFID News and Comment for the Week of May 5, 2009

EPCGlobal gets Consultative; Conair Broadly Deploys RFID, Creates New Solutions Company; RFID Growth Predicted, but Supply Chain Apps Still Lag

Leverage Your Existing Wireless
Networks to Do More and
Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus
June 2, 2009

Featured Story

Consumer Products Safety Commission Denies NAM Petition to Delay Child Safety Labeling

A Nightmare for Manufacturers? CPSIA Continues March Forward, Regardless of Logic

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Do New Models for Manufacturing Component Inventory Management Lead to Increased Roles for 3PLS?

Buy-Sell Hubs, Pooled Inventory Could be the Future, Researchers Say


Innovation in Supply Chain
Execution Series

Part 4: Collaborative Flowcasting:
The Essence of Demand Driven

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

June 9, 2009


Labor Management Strategies
for Emerging Economic
and Political Realities

Featured Story

What's Going to Happen to "The China Price?"

After Years of Upward Pressure, Now a Retreat, as Buyers Gain Upper Hand; How Long will it Last?

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Import Transit Times Taking Longer? Ships Take Foot off Pedal, Use the Slow Path, to Reduce Costs

Facing Double-Digit Drops in Volumes, Ocean Carriers do what they Can to Weather the Storm, Cruising at Half Speed

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus
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The Power of Global
Order Management
in the Service Parts
Supply Chain

Featured Story

The Supplier Conundrum in Tough Times – Reducing Buyer Risk can out Troubled Supplier over the Edge

“Unvirtuous Cycle” needs to be Monitored Closely

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Just How Hard Should You Pressure Suppliers for Price Cuts During Downturn?

Procter & Gamble Exec Says Unilateral Demand for Concessions are Bad Business, While BP Looks for "Deflation" in its Supply Chain

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