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Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest

- July 29, 2018 -
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winners for May 29, 2019 Contest
Brian Spooner of Columbus, OH Takes Home the Prize with a Great Caption!

Week: Feb. 14, 2019 Contest


This Contest's Winner

(See "Best of the Rest" Below)

Brian Spooner
Columbus, OH

Each winner will receive a nice framed picture of the cartoon with their winning entry and acknowledgement from SCDigest.

This Month's
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Winner


Brian Spooner
Columbus, OH


He will receive a framed copy of his cartoons and caption with recognition from Supply Chain Digest and be eligible for our annual prize.

We're embarassed to say when we changed web hosters during this contest, we lost a number of submissions. Out apologies.


Many captions were some rif on artificial intelligence. See other excellent captions below. Have yourself a good laugh!


Didn't make it? Don't despair - we just have far too many entries to post them all. But you will make it soon!

New cartoon caption contest on the SCDigest web site on Monday April July 22, 2019


We Need Ideas!

Have an idea for a cartoon?

We would love that too, and will give you the credit.

Send us you idea at:


Other Great Captions


"I suggest we table this whole discussion for a couple of years."

Suzanne Walters
Grand Rapids, MI

"Do we have enough exceptions to stay employed managing exceptions?"

Laurie Jackson
Jupiter, FL

"It can't be any smarter than we program it to be, can it?"

Tom Lyons
Cleveland, OH

"I am thinking of moving over to supply chain execution."

Kyle Stimler

"Fortunately, we are slow to move on new technology."

Erin McCoy
Dunwoody, GA


Previous Cartoon Winners


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