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Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest

- May 24, 2018 -
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winners for April 11, 2018 Contest
Bob McIntyre of DBK Concepts and Alan Napier Atlanta Take Home the Prize with Great Captions!

Week: April 11, 2018 Contest


This Contest's Winner 1

(See "Best of the Rest" Below)

Bob McIntyre
DBK Concepts

This Contest's Winner 2




Alan Napier


Each winner will receive a nice framed picture of the cartoon with their winning entry and acknowledgement from SCDigest.

Every six months, SCDigest readers will vote on the best cartoon for that period among the bi-monthly winners, and that person will win a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card

This Month's
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Winners


Bob McIntyre
DBK Concepts


Alan Napier

Both will receive a framed copy of his cartoons and caption with recognition from Supply Chain Digest and be eligible for our semi-annual prize as voted on by readers.

Mofest numbers this time, about 125 entries - this was a hard one to caption, we think.

Thank you!


See other excellent captions below. Have yourself a good laugh!s


Didn't make it? Don't despair - we just have far too many entries to post them all. But you will make it soon!

New cartoon caption contest on the SCDigest web site on Tuesday Many 29, 2018


We Need Ideas!

Have an idea for a cartoon?

We would love that too, and will give you the credit.

Send us you idea at:


Other Great Captions


First, thanks to Jason Mencheski of Spectrum America, who put the cartoon out for caption from some of the warehouse workers. Here are there entries:


Sylvia Ragland– "Does he know the robot is replacing him?"

Tina Dreshek - "Boy, what a dummy, thinking robots can do all the work in the warehouse!"

Mike Ocasio– "Oh boy, there goes Bill again. Works hard and one of our best workers."

Mike Dunn– "Hey! Are they replacing us?"

Ashley Styczinski - "Job security means studying your replacement"

Edwin Stueck– "Wow, Tony Stark has really lost it…"

Chris Lemens– "I wonder what they're goin to do about our teammate shortage."

Guillermo Delgado– (Four separate ideas)
"How to work with down beat people."
"How to work with long face people."
"How to work with serious people."
"How to work with sour people."

"We didn't get much out of Distribution Drones for Dummies."

Amy Simpson
Euclid, OH

"He's on his third pass through the thing."

Dan Davidson
Elk Grove, IL

"It was written by a software robot."

George Crane

"Do you think he knows we're robots yet?"

Lindsey Shellman

"Is that "Robots in the Warehouse, for Dummies," or "Robots, in the Warehouse with Dummies?"

Tim Short

Note: we had several entries with this basic theme.

"Step One is turn it on. Step Two is submit your two weeks' notice."

Logan Wamsley W
Winter Springs, FL

"It's the new diversity training: he called it a dumb machine."
Lou DeMarco

"The sequel to that book is "To Serve Man.'"

Bill Stover

"Oh, that's the new guy, Will Robinson. He keeps mumbling "Danger! Danger!"

Wil Biscardi

"Wait until he reads the sequel: "Robots in the Warehouse 2: Judgement Day"

Robert Surdan
Integra LifeSciences


Previous Cartoon Winners


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