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Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest

- Feb. 18, 2011 -
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winner for Jan. 31, 2011 Contest

Ron Lilek of Boardwalktech, Inc. Named this Week's Winner from 100+ Entries

Week:  Jan. 31, 2011 Contest

This Weeks' Winner!



Ron Lilek
Boardwalktech, Inc.


Each winner will receive a nice framed picture of the cartoon with their winning entry and acknowledgement from SCDigest.

Every six months, SCDigest readers will vote on the best cartoon for that period among the bi-monthly winners, and that person will win a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card

This week's
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Winner:


Ron Lilek
Boardwalktech, Inc.


He will receive a framed copy of his cartoon and caption with recognition from Supply Chain Digest and be eligible for our semi-annual prize as voted on by readers.

We had modestly lower volume this time with about 135 responses - but there were a lot of winners in this contest's submissions!


Many other great entries! See other especially funny captions below.

Didn't make it? Don't despair - we just have far too many entries to post them all. But you will make it soon!

New cartoon on the SCDigest web site on Monday, Feb. 21, 2011.


We Need Ideas!

Have an idea for a cartoon?

We would love that too, and will give you the credit.

Send us you idea at:


Other Good Entries:

"The file was way too large for his Kindle."

Barry W. Jones

“Yeah, it’s sad - we just discovered George frozen this way."

Andrea Willett
GT Nexus

“Stew is desperately looking for a loophole so he doesn’t have to add another cubby-hole to his back wall.”

Wil Biscardi

“Must not be too bad.  He pulls out a microscope for the really fine print.”

Tom Hammann
General Mills, Inc.

“I am kind of worried about that book Vender is suppose to be spelled Vendor you would think the compliance guy would catch that.”

Earl W. Engleman, C.P.M.
Corporate Strategic Sourcing

"Milton? We're moving you downstairs until the audit is over. Take your stapler."

Mike Ossanna
Land O'Lakes, Inc

“He's trying to find the actual cost penalties. Not easy.”

Jeff Givens
Retail Supply Chain


"Sometimes, when the light shines through that window at the right angle and he has the magnifying glass turned backwards, he sets his nose on fire!"


Dwight Boehm, P.Log

CF Managing Movement


"We treat him as a kind of 'compliance guard dog' around here but I still find it freaky when he totally freezes and makes those weird growling sounds like that."

Brian Hayden,
IT Tralee, Ireland

"Wait, isn't that John from accounting?"

Indraneel Dabhade 
Clemson University 


"The old saw is spot on – “the small print taketh away.”

Paul Krumhaus

"We were not in compliance because the shipment was going to DC #3 and their label requirements are significantly different from DC #2 across the street."

Deanna K. Peters CPIM, CSCP
Printpack, Inc.

"Really, it’s not the fine print, it’s the 100 pages duplication and contradictory requirements."

Kevin R. Clark
Western Digital, Branded


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