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Supply Chain News: Which Companies Participated in CSCMP 2020 and Past Three Years?


We Chart which Companies Contributed in 2020 and Combined 2018 through 2020

Oct. 6, 2020
SCDigest Editorial Staff

SCDigest has published extensive coverage of the recent CSCMP Edge 2020 virtual conference. (See Couch Report: CSCMP Edge 2020 and the Future of Conferences and Couch Report: CSCMP Edge 2020 Part 2, Keynote Sessions.)

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All told by our count, 33 companies contributed something, down from 76 in 2019 in this odd conference year heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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For a number years now, SCDigest has tallied up what companies have contributed to the conference in terms of giving presentations or participating on panels. We give a bit more credit for presentations versus panel participation because there is generally a lot more prep work for presentations and usually more detailed information sharing as well.

That said, the line between presentation and panel can sometimes be a bit fuzzy. We tally the results by simply going through the conference program and making a call. This also means if there are changes, which is often the case, after the guide was printed we would not pick that up.

So below is the list of companies participating in CSCMP 2020, sorted from most sessions to those that were involved in just one presentation or panel.

We will also note the list below does not include vendors such as 3PLs or technology companies, nor academics or consultants, as these types of speakers receive a benefit from participation and are generally happy to be asked to participate.



Source: SCDigest Analysis


As can be seen, this year, just two companies - Intel and Coca Cola - had two presentations and/or panel participation, well below what is usually the case.


All told by our count, 33 companies contributed something, down from 76 in 2019 in this odd conference year heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

(See More Below)



But there's more – we track company participation over time too. As shown in the graphic below, over the last three conferences, Intel led the way, with seven participations. Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson were next, with six each, (though J&J was a no-show in 2020).



Source: SCDigest Analysis

As a note, we only show those companies with at least two participations, of which there were 19 by our count.


CSCMP conference attendees owe these companies a debt of thanks for making the conference possible.

Any reaction these numbers on CSCMP conference participation? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback section below.








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