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Procurement News and Views
June 16, 2015Supply Chain News: Winner of Top Procurement Award Shares His Advice for Success
Bradley Holcomb Wins ISM's J. Shipman Award, Stresses Relationships with Peers
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
May 26, 2015Supply Chain News: Just How Much to Chief Procurement Officers Make? A Lot
Average Total Annual Compensation Bordering on $500,000, CAPS Research Study Finds
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
May 19, 2015Supply Chain Newsmakers Video: Procurement Seeks Trusted Advisor Status
Interesting Results from New Hackett Group Research
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
April 30, 2015Supply Chain News: Eight Key Steps to a Successful New Procurement Initiative
Beating Up Suppliers on Pricing is of Limited Utility in the End
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
April 07, 2015Supply Chain News: Procurement Organizations Strive to Reach ''Trusted Advisor'' Status
Big Data and Analytics will Also be Key to Increase Agility, New Hackett Group Study Says
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
March 25, 2015Supply Chain News: Strategic Sourcing Software Enabling Companies to Continue to Raise the Bar on Capabilities, Gartner Says
Best-of-Breen Vendors Continue to Dominate, as Cloud Delivery has become the Standard
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
March 09, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video: MIT's Dr. David Simchi-Levi on Risk Exposure Index Progress
Simchi-Levi overviews the REI in a discussion with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore and then discusses recent REI progress and the success at Ford
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain risk | Supply chain thought leadership
February 17, 2015Supply Chain News: Procurement Function in Medium-Sized Companies Needs a Management Framework
More Activities Across the Procurement Lifecycle will Need to Be Shared with Non-Procurement Managers, but Governance is Key
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
January 27, 2015Supply Chain News: Time for CPOs to Focus More on Organizational Costs and Efficiencies Rather than Just Contracted Costs
Almost All the Focus is on Supplier Spend, Some Say, as Tom Linton of Flextronics Calls for End of the PO in Some Cases
  Topics : Pricing/promotions management
January 06, 2015Supply Chain News: Commodity and Input Prices Collapse in 2014
Every Category Sees Sharp Declines for the Year, Especially in the Second Half; Will Fall Continue?
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs

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