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Procurement News and Views
February 17, 2015Supply Chain News: Procurement Function in Medium-Sized Companies Needs a Management Framework
More Activities Across the Procurement Lifecycle will Need to Be Shared with Non-Procurement Managers, but Governance is Key
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
January 27, 2015Supply Chain News: Time for CPOs to Focus More on Organizational Costs and Efficiencies Rather than Just Contracted Costs
Almost All the Focus is on Supplier Spend, Some Say, as Tom Linton of Flextronics Calls for End of the PO in Some Cases
  Topics : Pricing/promotions management
January 06, 2015Supply Chain News: Commodity and Input Prices Collapse in 2014
Every Category Sees Sharp Declines for the Year, Especially in the Second Half; Will Fall Continue?
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs
December 17, 2014Global Supply Chain News: Plans by Retailers and Apparel Companies to Improve Bangladesh Factory Safety Finally Moving to Action Phase
VF Corp, Walmart Backing Relatively Low Cost Loans to Suppliers
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain
November 25, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Calculating Supplier Lead-Time Variability - Not as Easy as It Seems
Knowing Lead-time Variability Helps set the Right Safety Stock Level; Tracking and Calculating the Lead-time Variability is not Always Easy
  Topics : Inventory management | Inventory optimization
November 20, 2014Supply Chain News: Levi Strauss Expands Ethical Sourcing Program to Offer Low-Cost Loans to Offshore Vendors
Partnership with World Bank Arm will Offer Even Lower Rates to Top Performers in Labor Practices, Safety and the Environmen
  Topics : Global sourcing | Procurement/Supplier Management
October 29, 2014Supply Chain News: Procurement, Tax Considerations, and a Procurement Operating Company Part 2
With a Global Procurement Center in Low Tax Location, Companies Need to Optimize Legal Title Flows of Procured Goods and Materials
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs
October 15, 2014Supply Chain News: Procurement, Tax Considerations, and a Procurement Operating Company
It is Time for Procurement to Get Better Aligned with theTax Experts at the Company, Deloitte Partners Say
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs
October 01, 2014Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: The Characteristics of Procurement Leaders
Chris Sawchuk of the Hackett Group Shares Insight from the Recent Reort on Procurement Leadership with SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
September 17, 2014Supply Chain News: Delivering ROI and Relevance from Procurement Operations
Top Companies Drive See Returns 11 Times their Investment in Procurement, versus Just 4.5 for the Average Firm
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain studies

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