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Global News and Views
April 16, 2014 Global Supply Chain News: Cargo Theft is Back on the Rise in Europe, Freightwatch Says
Organized Crime a Growing Factor, Ron Greene Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
April 09, 2014Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Weak Profits at Ocean Container Carriers Lead to Industry Consolidation
In Relatively Good Year, Only Six of Top 19 Carriers Make Operating Profit, while New Carrier Alliances to Dominate Major Shipping Lanes
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
April 01, 2014Global Supply Chain News: Consolidation the Name of the Game Now in Ocean Shipping
Is the End of Smaller Independent Carriers Coming, as US Approved the P3 Network
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
March 17, 2014Supply Chain News: Ambassador John Bolton on Risk to Supply Chains from China Aggression in the Pacific Ocean
SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore in Major Interview wih Former US Ambassador John Bolton on Supply Chain Risks from Increasingly Aggressive Territorial Claims by China
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
March 10, 2014Global Supply Chain News: East Coasts Ports Continue Race to Handle Larger Ships
New Sailings from P3 and G6 Networks to Create Pressures Soon even with Panama Canal Delay; Depths, Tides, Port Rotations and More
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | Transportation
February 26, 2014Global Supply Chain News: Will We Soon See Drone Cargo and Container Ships?
Rolls Royce, Euro Group Working on the Idea; Will the ROI be There?
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply Chain Trends | Transportation
February 12, 2014Global Supply Chain News: If Your Container is Late, it May be Awaiting a Chassis at LA-Long Beach
As Carriers Shed Chassis Ownership, Confusion becoming the Norm; Drayage Drivers Hauling Chassis for Free
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
January 28, 2014Global Supply Chain News: Despite Fears from Some Shippers and Regulators, P3 and G6 Alliances Likely to Win Approval in the End
Industry Moving to Alliance Model, Chairman of US FMC Says; Approval to Come Late in 2014?
  Topics : Fun stuff | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | Transportation
January 16, 2014Crate & Barrel Vision for Global Supply Chain Visibility is Crystal Clear
With Growing Global Requirements and Complexity, Visibility will Help Reduce Risks and Costs; Changing Views on Inventory and Shipping
  Topics : Case studies | Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Retail industry supply chain | Supply chain visibility
December 19, 2013Supply Chain Comment: Strategic Inbound Optimization - What Best in Class Companies Do
Steps To Take, Based on Research of Best in Class Company Practices by AberdeenGroup, to Optimize Your Inbound Transportation
  Topics : Inbound logistics | Transportation

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