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January 28, 2016Supply Chain Comment: New Paradigm of Heightening Supply Chain Security
Six Critical Elements of a Strong Cargo Security Program
  Topics : Supply chain security
January 25, 2016Supply Chain News: Growth of Global Container Fleet to be Lowest in Decades - but will Still Well Exceed Volume Growth, Continuing to Give Shippers the Edge
Maersk CEO Modestly Optimistic on Volumes, but the New Ships Keep Coming
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Supply Chain
January 12, 2016Supply Chain Video News: What Countries will Benefit Most from TPP?
New Study from the World Bank Puts Vietnam at the Top of the List - and the USA Last
  Topics : Global supply chain
January 05, 2016Supply Chain News: US Gets First Stop Ever from New Generation of Megaships, but Ports are Far from Ready for Regular Service
Giant CMA CGM Ship Visits Port of Los Angeles, Heads to Oakland, but Major Systemic Changes Needed, Drewry Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers
December 14, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Are We Making Progress on Total Landed Cost Calculation?
Fewer than One in Four Complanies Say They aee Very Good in Calculating Total Landed Costs: Our Expert Panel Discusses this Key Issue
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics
November 30, 2015Supply Chain News: Now, Labor Shortage is Issue in China, as Global Manufacturing Trends Likely to See Major Shifts in Coming Years
Wage Inflation, Demographics a Key Issue for China, as Trend is to Move Production Closer to Demand
  Topics : China | Global supply chain | Manufacturing
November 16, 2015Global Supply Chain News: China to Europe Rail Strategy Struggling - Due to Deadheading
But China will be Patient, Experts Say, in Building Out Ambitious Strategy
  Topics : China | Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | Rail carriers/transportation | Supply Chain Trends
November 09, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: The Power of Supply Chain Resilience
Dr. Yossi Sheffi of MIT on Key Insights from his New Book The Power of Resilience
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Supply chain thought leadership
October 29, 2015Supply Chain Comment: How to Take Advantage of the TPP
Some Considerations to Take Into Account When Implementing the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain
October 27, 2015Global Supply Chain News: US Container Traffic Continues to Migrate to East Coast Ports, Now Driven by Rapidly Falling Rates
Continued Decline in Rates May be More about Carrier Strategy than Pure Supply and Demand
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation

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