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Procurement News and Views
January 26, 2022Supply Chain News: In a Period of Rising Costs from Suppliers, what is a Procurement Manager to Do?
McKinsey Offers Three Steps for Buyers to Take Now
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain costs
January 04, 2022Supply Chain News: The Gap between Strategy and Execution in Green Procurement
Interest is High, but Many Barriers to Success Exist, Bearingpoint Study Finds
  Topics : Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | Supply Chain studies
December 08, 2021Green Supply Chain News: Tips for Making Sure You are Buying Truly Environmentally Friendly Products
Signs a Pretender Supplier May be “Greenwashing”
  Topics : Green supply chain
November 17, 2021Supply Chain News: Increased Selling of Log In Credentials for IT Systems of Logistics Firms to Bad Actors
Security Firm Intel 471 Seeing Lots of Black Market Actions by Sellers and Buyers of Log In Data
  Topics : Supply chain risk
October 27, 2021Supply Chain News: 10 Tips for Managing Inventories in a Time of Supply Shortages
Basic List of Suggestions still could Trigger some Ideas
  Topics : Inventory management | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain risk
September 28, 2021Supply Chain News: The Critical Role of Procurement in Sustainability
McKinsey Says CPOs Need to Up their Game, Take CO2 Reduction Lead, Offers Three Key Steps
  Topics : Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | Procurement/Supplier Management
September 07, 2021Supply Chain News: Former Kraft Heinz Chief Procurement Officer Fined in Scandal over Supplier Contracts
Company Played Shell Games Hoping to Realized Promised Cost Savings from Merger
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management
July 27, 2021Supply Chain News: UK Grocers Ask Suppliers to Help Foot the Bill for Higher Transportation Costs
Demand actually Seems Reasonable after Costs to Provide Distribution Services Soar
  Topics : Logistics costs | Procurement/Supplier Management
June 23, 2021Supply Chain News: Three Keys to Making Procurement more Green
Green Companies have Better Financial Results, but Is It Cause and Effect?
  Topics : Green supply chain | Procurement/Supplier Management
June 07, 2021Supply Chain News: Hackett Group Analysis Finds Companies Taking Longer to Pay their Vendor Invoices
Tactic in Tough Economic Times Continuing in Strong
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Procurement/Supplier Management

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