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Weekly On Target Newsletter
April 29, 2008 - Supply Chain Digest On-Target Newsletter
  This Week:  
  Manufacturing: For Vizio, it Really is About Supply Chain versus Supply Chain  
  Global Supply Chain and Logistics: Is the World Going Unflat?  
  Distribution and Material Handling: The "Multi-Modal" World  
  Transportation: Strategies to Combat Ridiculously High Fuel Costs  

Supply Chain Trends: Key Trends in Sales and Operations Planning

  Procurement and Sourcing: The Child Labor Dilemma in Low-Cost Country Sourcing
  RFID and Auto ID: Airbus Plans Transformational RFID Roll-Out Across End-to-End Supply Chain  

RFID and Auto ID Focus
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Featured Story
Airbus Plans Transformational RFID Roll-Out Across End-to-End Supply Chain
  Three-Phased Program Comes After Successful Pilot in 2006; Finding the "Profits in Motion;" Integration Through Supplier Portal in Phase I
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New RFID Reader Technology has Potential to Dramatically Change Market
  Mojix Announces New System that Separates Exciter from Reader, Uses Deep Space Technology to Radically Enhance Reader Range
Supply Chain Trends and Issues
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5 ways to boost distribution center performance

Learn how to leverage 5 strategic processes in the Aberdeen “Warehouse Management Software” benchmark report. This report provides a guide to assessing your current operations and what actions can spur performance improvements. See how leading warehouse and distribution center operators are using automated warehouse management tools to drive greater visibility, agility and adaptability.

Featured Story
Key Trends in Sales and Operations Planning
  After Getting the Basic Processes Right, Companies are Expanding the Breadth and Depth of S&OP
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Will Climate Security Act Put a Big Hurt on US Manufacturing?
  National Association of Manufacturers Study Says Yes; Assumptions Drive the Analysis; Potential 4% Reduction in Output by 2020, Study Claims
Manufacturing Focus

Supply Chain Videocast™

Bringing Lean Strategies to Companies in Process
and Manufacturing Industries

Featuring MIT'S David Simchi-Levi

Learn how Lean manufacturing can be adapted to process and hybrid industries, using core Lean principles and tools adapted to the realities of process and hybrid evironments.


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Featured Story

For Vizio, it Really is about Supply Chain Versus Supply Chain
  US Flat Panel Firm with Taiwanese CEO uses Japanese Style Ties with Suppliers to Fuel Rapid Growth
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To Get a Lean Supply Chain, You Will Likely Need a Little Yokoten 
  Lack of Knowledge Transfer Can Often Explain Differences in Lean Success Between Sites; Do the Managers Know How to Learn? 
Sourcing and Procurement Focus
Featured Story
The Child Labor Dilemma in Low-Cost Country Sourcing

Despite Sourcing Policies and Local Laws, Child Labor is Key Input to Many Globally Sourced Goods; Ethical Problem - or Needed Source of Family Income?

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Procurement Improvements Help L’Oreal Weather the Commodity Price Storm


Lower Prices Come as a Result of Procurement Design, Says CPO Barbara Lavernos; the “Optimization of Procurement”

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus
Featured Story

Global Supply Chain: Is the World Going Unflat?


Supply Chain Professionals should Remember All Things Go in Cycles; Right Now, Barriers and Nationalism are Returning

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Five Surprises from a Trade Compliance Application
  Looking for Global Trade Management Software Support? These Tips on What is Often Missing can Help Improve Vendor Evaluation Process
Transportation Management Focus
Featured Story

Forget Shipping Containers Filled to 75 Percent; More and More Freight Being Moved to Rail

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UPS, FedEx Make Comeback in 2008 Georgia Tech Great Package Race

DHL Won Big in 2007; No One Can Get Package into the Sudan or Gaza City

 Distribution and Material Handling Focus
Featured Story

The "Multi-Modal" World


Users are Increasingly Combining Technologies in Order Picking; Voice with RFID Looks Promising for Case Pick

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Getting WMS Deployment Right

While there are Unique Challenges to Warehouse Management System Implementation, Following these Tips Can Help Ensure Success



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