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August 21, 2023Why More And More Companies Are Setting Water Sustainability Goals
Microsoft Water Goals: Reduce Usage Across Global Operations and Replenish More Water Than it Consumes
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
December 21, 2022Improving Freight Efficiency is an Ongoing Effort
Study: Sustainability has Taken a More Prominent Place in Fleets’ Decision Making
  Topics : Logistics | Transportation | Trucking | Water Usage
November 11, 2020Leveraging the ocean's carbon removal potential
Methods for increasing the ocean’s ability to remove and store carbon dioxide vary in technical maturity, permanence, public acceptance and risk
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
December 09, 2019Water: Its Value And Risks
Water is Critical to Business, and With Supplies Increasingly at Risk, Companies Cannot Take it for Granted Anymore
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
November 19, 2019Climate Change Could Double Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Freshwater Lakes
"Climate Change Will Increase Forest Cover and Change Species Composition, Resulting in a Greater Variety of Leaves and Plant Litter Falling Into Waterways"
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
August 06, 2019Green Supply Chain News: World Needs to Go Vegan to Save the Planet
Leaked UN Report Says It Is Time for Great Food Transformation
  Topics : Green Sourcing | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
April 10, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Just How much should Water Cost?
Interesting Observations from Dr. Julie Zimmerman of Yale
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 19, 2019Oceans Absorb Almost a Third of Global CO2 emissions, but at What Cost?
"At Some Point the Ability of the Ocean to Absorb Carbon Will Start to Diminish"
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 18, 2019UN Report Warns That Arctic Warming is now 'Locked in’
Even if Emissions are Reduced, Irreversible Temperature Increases are now "Locked in" for the Arctic
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 08, 2019The Deep Southern Ocean is Key to More Intense Ice Ages
Study Confirms That the Antarctic Region Plays a Crucial Role During Periods of Climate Change
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage

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