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November 11, 2020Leveraging the ocean's carbon removal potential
Methods for increasing the ocean’s ability to remove and store carbon dioxide vary in technical maturity, permanence, public acceptance and risk
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
December 09, 2019Water: Its Value And Risks
Water is Critical to Business, and With Supplies Increasingly at Risk, Companies Cannot Take it for Granted Anymore
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
November 19, 2019Climate Change Could Double Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Freshwater Lakes
"Climate Change Will Increase Forest Cover and Change Species Composition, Resulting in a Greater Variety of Leaves and Plant Litter Falling Into Waterways"
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
August 06, 2019Green Supply Chain News: World Needs to Go Vegan to Save the Planet
Leaked UN Report Says It Is Time for Great Food Transformation
  Topics : Green Sourcing | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
April 10, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Just How much should Water Cost?
Interesting Observations from Dr. Julie Zimmerman of Yale
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 19, 2019Oceans Absorb Almost a Third of Global CO2 emissions, but at What Cost?
"At Some Point the Ability of the Ocean to Absorb Carbon Will Start to Diminish"
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 18, 2019UN Report Warns That Arctic Warming is now 'Locked in’
Even if Emissions are Reduced, Irreversible Temperature Increases are now "Locked in" for the Arctic
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 08, 2019The Deep Southern Ocean is Key to More Intense Ice Ages
Study Confirms That the Antarctic Region Plays a Crucial Role During Periods of Climate Change
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
January 26, 2019Rethinking Our Oceans: Investing In The Blue Economy
Ocean Health is the Key: It Involves Sustainable Management of Oceans for now and Future Generations
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
January 11, 2019New Climate Change Report Says Ocean Warming Is Far Worse Than Expected
New Study: Impacts of Warming Oceans, Includes Rainfall Intensity, Rising Sea Levels and Declines in Ice Sheets, Glaciers and Ice Caps
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage

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